fab four

fab four

Sunday, August 10, 2008

July recap

well I've been pretty bad updating my blog. So July we had a lot going on, so I thought. Now that I'm writting this I have lost my July main events. well it will be a short one then. It was my birthday on the 24th and I of course went to the spa. Brock takes me to a different spa every year and this one was called the Zeramit in Midway Utah. It was amazing. We had a little twist on my birthday massage during my spa treatment. I HAD A MAN MES SUES.( missed spelled?) I was okay with the message but at first I felt a little awkward and I knew that Brock would have a fit about this. So the message was good, so I told Brock about the situation when I was done. The conversation went something like this. "Brock did you know that you ordered a man to touch my body in ways that you have never touched it". Brock "What, did he see anything?" Amy "No, surprisingly he new how to maneuver the sheets to not see anything." Brock "no, he had to of seen something" Amy "No, I'll show you later how he did it". Brock was convinced that the man saw stuff ,but I can still assure him that no one saw anything. But it really did add a little twist to my Birthday. So after the Spa we went and walked the Main street of midway it such a small town ,the main street isn't really anything. But we really liked it. Every thing had a Swiss back ground. We ate lunch at the restaurant called coo Koo clock or something like that. The sandwiches were amazing. it was such a good birthday. Then we went home and I got the mail and we got a letter saying we were finally approved through the state to adopt. so now we are on line with the agency itsaboutlove.org . Any ways that night we went with Brock's family to a park and had tin foil dinners. Brock's two older sisters were there with their family's and Brock's oldest sister really wanted to float my birthday cake down a river. She baked two cakes and had them all set to float down the river and it was a success. I wish I had pictures I know we have some somewhere. any ways , that was my birthday. So I guess the other news was we are officially in the waiting game for adoption. We Breed our dog Regen she's our female. So hopefully we will have puppys on september 27. All I have to say about the breeding process is "Creepy" if you have'nt ever been around it or seen it I think you should just try it out its very educational. Sorry , for this blog its kinda been a little vulgare an away. Any Ways, I thought that I had more to post about but I guess I didn't .

Happy anniversary

Well I'm a day late, but it was our wedding Anniversary yesterday. Sadly we were apart most of the day. Brock was gone on a high adventure camp out. from Wednesday to Saturday. Which lead me to be by myself for four days. On Saturday I went with my mother in law to an adoption convention. I had a good time and learned a lot. I didn't get home tell five. Brock got home on Saturday around 1:00, but wasn't finished tell around five he had to clean everything up and put away stuff. So I get home and Brock is so sick and so tired he didn't really want to do anything. But I wasn't going to have that so we exchanged gifts and then went out to sushi we decided to take it home. We rented Be kind please rewind. It was the stupidest movie we couldn't even finish it. So we kept watching the Olympics which was fine because I was able to watch a lot of beach volleyball. So , this was our first year that we didn't go all out for our anniversary. I hope that this is a one time thing. Brock knows that I'm pretty high maintenance when it comes to my birthday and anniversary. we usually go to the lake and go jet skiing or travel somewhere. But this year it was spent apart and then being lazy. He is lucky that I missed him so much that I didn't care what we did. I love you Brock, Here's to year # 6.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Try again

I'm trying to see if something works....

This is our picture that the birth mothers are going to see I need to post it some where.

Being self sufficient

Well, I had made this post awhile ago. I just had not had the time to post this. I've been trying to work on my adoption blog and all the agency online stuff that is so old school. I consider my self somewhat computer savvy, I HAVE A BLOG!!!:)
Well the other night I was feeling just like Martha Stewart. All day I cleaned my house and then I realized I didn't have dinner planed or ready and Brock was home. So I went out to my garden hoping things where growing. Lo and behold Everything was very fruitful. So I brought everything in and started skimming up what I was going to make. It turned out to be an amazing dinner. here are some pics.

I have always thought gardening was a little white trash. Even Brock admitted he hated gardens growing up. Where I grew up no one gardened. The only people that did were the people at my church that had 10 kids and they would can and do all sorts of stuff with it. But , my point is I feel very self sufficient doing it. When I go grocery shopping I buy mostly the organic produce. So by doing it this way I save a lot of money(for about three months out of the year), and I can just go in my garden and grab an onion and not have to rush to the store. I love it.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Happy swiss days

This is our swiss day celebration. Thanks to our friends the plowmans we didn't have to celebrate alone. It lasted 5 minutes.

You may notice that I'm reffering to batman. We just got back from seeing Dark Night. Our friend Nate who is with us. He makes cool stuff at work that could pretty much be for batman himself.