fab four

fab four

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Sisters weekend finally (4 weeks later)

We started the weekend off with our beloved crepes in Paris.
Then beth and I found these high style pants at zaras originaly $69.99
pretty close to mom jeans

Who looks better in the dress?
Love'n the MAC store

Sitten pretty in Paris
Long story (this was the dare)
Beth will most likely explain. look at her blog bethandbrandoncurtis.blogspot
The big girls go out late to do NOTHING
Here we are at our favorite Restaurant "Joe's" Erin and I are eating the most delish salad We are at the entrance of the show "O"
Waiting patiently for "O" to start Beth and I are sad that it was are last night together
Well its been awhile since we had this blessed weekend. I love sisters weekend. Growing up I never thought I would ever miss my sisters or even love them and enjoy being with them. But I do I really love being with my sister and of course my wonderful mother. The night before we left I felt like it was going to be Christmas morning when I woke up. That's how excited I get. We had a blast and I haven't laughed so much in a long time. We were all funny at one time. or another. But I want you to know that I was the most daring of the sisters. I will show some pics of the dare. My mom is a little ashamed of us for this one but sorry mom it had to be done.

wedding weekend

This is us with the lovely couple Ryan and kim "congrats you guys"
This is us at the wedding dinner
This is us at dinner with brocks good friend Drew and his wife brenda
We stayed up pretty late chatting and laughing at good ole chicago pizza.

This past weekend we went to Denver for one of brocks good friends from childhood. Actually both the bride and groom were his goods friends growing up. Well, we had a fun time in Denver we left on Friday around 6:00 pm and arrived there at 2:00 am. then left Sunday around 10:00am. So it was a really short trip. One thing that I learned on this trip was don't be so sure of yourself. What I mean by that is I pride myself in how organized I am and how I like to be in charge of the family. One of the things that I make sure I do is pack for brock. He is just used to me packing for him so I can't stop now. I rather have it that way anyways ( I guess that's my controlling side). Any ways, Saturday morning I just got out of the shower and I realized I forgot to pack my make up. What is a girl to do with out makeup. I told brock that we had to go to Nordstoms or the nearest MAC store. So we went to Nordstroms, me with out make up and brock pouting (because he hates the mall). So of course I had them do my make up and I also bought some to touch up with. I was a little shocked because of how much it was because I also had to buy brushes those things are expensive I spent $1??.00. But I had to buy the good stuff, no use of buying the cheap stuff that I wouldn't use. Right? anyways I was happy . After Nordstoms we went to meet one of brocks friends and his two girls at Orange Julius the girls were so cute and were in love with Hanna Montana of course. Then We got home to get ready for the wedding and and of course I had everything for me but then brock asked, " amy where are my socks and cuff links?" in a sweet voice. I was about to have a melt down. But instead I insisted that we go to the store on the way to the wedding. But brock (if you don't know brock he could care less what he is wearing) he said its not a big deal I'll just wear my suit jacket over my shirt and fold the sleeves and then he just slipped on his shoes with out any socks. I was feeling really bad but he didn't care. But good thing that brocks dad had an extra pair of socks so he only had one thing wrong with his outfit ( I mean attire). So the wedding was beautiful and it was fun to see all his old friends. While the wedding was going brock leans over to me and said hey guess what? I have made out with all those brides maids and the bride except for like two girls. I was like thanks for letting me in on that little secret of yours.

So my forgetfulness doesn't stop there as we got home from Denver, so
I thought. As I was going to brush my teeth and wash my face I couldn't find my face wash or tooth brush or MY NEW MAC MAKEUP!!!! I was about to have another melt down but then I was to tired. I went to bed. I could have sworn that I put everything in a grocery bag and had brock put it in the car. That next day I was just sick I looked in brocks car and had brock text jay the guy we stayed with, And brocks mom looked in her car and called the family we stayed with. So it got to be evening and brocks dad got home and he said I saw all that stuff in the car. So he looked at the car that we drove and lifted seats and there was my make up, face wash and tooth brush. I was so happy. And that's my story.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

First day of school

This is when we came home from his orientation. I'm so proud of him
My mom always made us take a picture by the door on our first day of school. Isn't he cute!!
This is our family's studying ritual. Blitzlii loves cuddling. The sad thing is, is I'm on the living room couch by my self.

We are really excited for brock. We will finally be moving on with our lives in the right direction. Brock has worked so hard going to school , full time work, being the young mens president at our church, and going through the adoption process. Here's for two years of the baby.