fab four

fab four

Friday, January 30, 2009

Photo shoot

Typical look from lil' man
Cute lil smile

What a doll

Lov'n life

What an angel

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

8 weeks

Happy 8 weeks big guy!!! Thank you for being the best little baby. You are the perfect child.

Things that you have been doing this past week:
1.You sleep through the night (making alot of moms jealous HAHAH)
2. you love to be read story's and look at the pictures.
3. your getting the cutest rolls on your thighs. (so cute)
4. You can tell when daddy gets home.
5. Your dad has to hand you over to me because you need me to sooth you to sleep . ( my favorite thing)

Thank you Daegen for mine and your dads best 8 weeks of our lives.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

the day in the life of a genius

Daegens just getting his daily German 101 lesson by dad. Look at him look at Brock he just adores him.

stopped to smell the roses

(here he was this morning singing and happy)

Brock asks me what I do everyday when he comes home. Today I stopped to smell the roses!! Today is Daegens 7th week of life, he woke up not crying but singing his little cu's. So Today I ignored the laundry and forgot about the dirty dishes and hung out with Daegen. I listened to him cu and I cued back ( we had a great conversation). I laughed when he smiled , and watched him sleep. I hope you had a special 7 week birthday little guy I did!!!

So here are some other cute pic's I captured this weekend while auntie Megan was here:

A little risky business(move over tom cruise)

In his church outfit

This weekend

My sister Megan came into town on Saturday night and stayed till Monday night.
I had a chronic thing in my eye all day Saturday and I think it finally scratched my eye so it felt better to keep it closed so Brock made me a patch looks pretty good Huh?

On Friday night we had the ultimate rock star party. We had guitar hero and rock band and a game of settlers of ca tan in the kitchen. The rock star was projected on the wall so you can't really see it.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Our Walks

Daegen had a per ma-grin on his face the whole time we were taking our walk today. He loved all the sounds, the cold weather, and he even learned to blow bubbles with his saliva (wow what a genius).  He is a funny kid his favorite song for me to sing to him is "Do a dollop" (you know the sour cream commercial). No nursery rhymes for this kids he is all about the sour cream commercials.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

look whos 6 weeks

At 6 weeks he is a bright baby. He smiles and cu's sometimes. But very alert and happy. He weighs about 10 pounds(I know big boy). And he loves music and his rattle. 

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

thank you Daegen

Thank you Daegen for reminding me why you get potty trained.....

Double blow outs it was an exciting morning
Good thing your adorable...

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

another good day

we got to go with daddy to work again!!!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

bod pod the finals

Brock and I entered into a study a week before thanksgiving. The study was to see if people gained weight over the holidays. So I'm happy to report that brock stayed the same and I lost 3 pounds. I have no idea how I lost weight I thought for sure that I gained at least 3 pounds. So I'm off to lose 13 more pounds

                                                 here I am in the bod pod it measures body mass

                                                  Here is brock He was mad I took this picture.

smile of the day

Sunday, January 4, 2009

Happy new year

Well last years theme was 2008 lets procreate and we definitely did that 2 IVF cycles and an adoption and we have a kid. Now thats accomplishing a goal! So this year we decided on a more reassuring theme 2009 its going to be fine. You never know whats going to happen with this recession and all so we like to say it just going to be fine. Or my brother in- law Brent wanted it to be 2009 lets loose the behind. I still not sure if he was directing it to me or to the general audience. any ways I hope that you have a wonderful new year. 
Here are the cousin's that were born in 2008 
it goes youngest to oldest Daegen ( 1 month) Cathrine (6 months) Emmett (10 months)

Daegen is a month

                                                                       Angel Boy

So Daegen turned a month on the secound of this month ( January)  he is getting so big he loves the rattle and following it around. When he hears either brock and my voice he looks around and tries to find us. He is growing so fast. 

Merry christmas

We were in Portland this year for Christmas. We were some of the very few who were able to fly out to the Northwest. The weather was crazy I have never seen Portland look like that , it looked very foreign.  But we got there safely and all was  well while we were there.  
It was Daegens first Christmas we feel so blessed to be able to have shared it with him and my family. He really is our angel boy (its one of the many nicknames that he has).  He is such a good baby and it really is a blessing to have him in our lives. 
With that said there are a couple of concerns that I have for him. One being his love for guitar hero and all the annoying 70's rock music that he just sat and listen to pretty much the whole Christmas vacation.  Second him being around Beth (My sister) and her outrageously ugly out fit on Christmas eve (we had an ugly Christmas sweater party) I hope that style doesn't rub off on him . Third his dad letting him see his first PG-13 movie the day after Christmas.  I feel bad for corrupting this angel boy , but he has been perfect so far I"m sure he'll be just fine. 
We had lots of fun while we were there we played guitar hero, went to movies , went snowboarding, and did I mention played guitar Hero.
here are some pics that I have so far.....

here we are as a happy family in our ugly Christmas sweaters.
                                  Beth and her husband Brandon don't they look creepy.

                               Daegens first Christmas ( he is not crying I promise he is a happy baby)
Of course only the Miller-Millers would have two hot chocolate makers going at the same time.
                              I go nuts for Wrangler Butts ( my moms gag gift to brock haha mom)
                                           Brock and Daegen so cute on Christmas morning.
                             mom and Daegen on Christmas morning thanks Brock for the good pic.
                                                      Auntie em with baby Daegen.

Sorry for the lame pics everyone was supposed to email me pics. hint hint beth and emily and mom. 

daegens first flight

Daegen went on his first flight on the 23 of december and he did so good. He didn't even cry once. We had him in his man bag (Sling) and people didn't even know that there was a baby on the flight.