fab four

fab four

Friday, February 27, 2009

Our trip to cougar town

Brock and Daegen at Spoon Me. we gave Daegen a couple of licks of the frozen yogurt he liked it and obviously wanted more.
        Daegen with aunt MeMe she doesn't know how to interact with children. Can you tell?

We went down to Cougar Town on Thursday. Brock had to go and take a test so I went and visited some old friends while he was busy. Then I caught up to my sister later on and when Brock was done with his test we went out to eat. After we met up with Brock's siblings we went and tried out an ice cream shop called "Spoon Me" it was supposed to be an all natural frozen yogurt shop. It was pretty good. 

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Yummy Rolls

Yummy rolls

Adorable morning bird

Aren't those some delicious rolls? Its a great morning when you can wake up to those yummy rolls and that adorable smile!!!

Monday, February 23, 2009

its official I'm a snowboarder

Its official Brock has granted me the right to be called a snowboarder.  We went up last Saturday night skiing. I went down the mountain the first run and I didn't fall it just clicked. So my dream of being able to go snowboarding with my boys one day has come true. Every fall I took I would say I'm doing this for Daegen. And it worked.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

mirror mirror on the wall:

Daegen and Brocks past time is looking in the mirror. Daegen loves talking to you via the mirror and its pretty funny. Don't mind Brocks face you have to look your absolute worse to get those cute smile's and cue's.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

daegy baby

Granny came to visit and Daegen has been granted about 30 more new names. Daegy boy, daegy doodles, booboo, daegey bear, bubu, big boy, doodle boy, grandma's boy,ect....

We loved the time we were able to share with granny: 

Happy valentines day

To both my valentines:

I love you for not only what you are, 
but for what I am when I am with you. 
~ Roy Crof

we woke up late and ate this:

The strawberry's are in a heart shaped can't you tell.

We did this:

And this:
were in our val-day t-shirts

And tried to do this:

No sucking fingers at our house!!
As Brock would say we "discipline" when he sucks on his fingers.

And Ate this:
Another attempt of a heart shaped food item.

To my oldest Valentine:

True Love is never saying good bye with out an I love you.

true love is telling me that I'm beautiful when i don't look so hot.

true love is cuddling and snuggling with me.

true love is making me hot chocolate on Saturday mornings.

true love is giving me permission to "take it easy" even when I don't do anything all day.

true love is wanting me to be close to my friends and family.

true love is holding my hand.

true love is being able to count on you always, and trusting you completely.

true love is always hugging me like you mean it.

true love is accepting the answer, "I'd rather not talk about it..." for things like, how much money i spent, how much i ate or what i did all day....

true love is you being too good for me, but loving me anyway

Friday, February 6, 2009

Brought to you by the letter S

Today WE:

Slept in

Sucked boogers
Loved on the Sick baby

Played in our Sweats

And ate Soup

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2 months old

Daegen is 2 months old this week. He had his Doctors appointment on Tuesday. He is now 11 pounds and 22 inches long. So according to the chart he is average weight and really short and has a small head. I think those charts are so weird because, Daegen is not a short fat kid with a little head hahaha. He has gotten so big and we just fall in love with him more and more each day

Here are his shoot wounds the 2 nurses tag- teamed him it was so sad:

Leg one: silver Band -Aids
Leg 2: 2 purple dinosaur band-Aids
Here he is too sore to put his pants on but still a TUFF lil man