fab four

fab four

Saturday, August 22, 2009


We took a day off being parents and headed to the snake river and went rafting. My grandparents and aunt baby sat Daegen, I can't thank them enough. We had a lot of fun with friends and went down the river 3 times. I was a little exhausted the third time around, but that was our best run.

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Daegens first horsin around rodeo

Brock's Parents put on a rodeo every in August at their Full Circle Ranch. Its a family reunion also with lots of relatives we don't get to see "really" ever . So this was Daegens first Rodeo, and of course you go all out for your first child. So I made him a vest and chaps. It turned out pretty cute. Enjoy daegens rodeo photo shoot I had to take a whole bunch of before pictures before we left just in case

is that not the cutest face. I just want to smooch it.

with dads hat on.

looks like an Italian cowboy "mama me ya"
I had to put the stash on it made the outfit.
Da da and daegy taken a horse ride.

Monday, August 10, 2009

were pretty cool too

Yesterday was a milestone for us. We have been in love with each other for 7 years and married for 6 of those years. I felt like the whole weekend was our anniversary. Friday night we went to dinner and a movie with our friends Tim and Christina, then on Sunday on our real anniversary we had our friends Bree and Travis over for dinner. We kept joking that we invite people for dinner because we have nothing to talk about, (being married so long) so we bring our conversation. but all in all it was a good weekend.

us after 6 years! we don't look to worn and haggard. do we?
this is our anniversary cake I made. I tried to make it four layers but it just fell apart. Brock said that it resembles our 6 years together. thanks a lot.

After 6 years I have learned not to care to much about what Brock picks out to wear. But really Brock plaid with plaid. I made him change because he is married to me and that's kinda of embarrassing.

Mr. independent

Daegen has become pretty independent. The only thing is its pretty messy. I always vowed to myself that I would never let my child look white trash you know the that face: never combed hair, crusty boogers caked on there faces, food crusted on there faces and hair, and food stains on there clothes. But.... when your child does this(see pictures below) 4-5 times a day you get tired of making them sparkly clean. I can't wait tell this stage is over with. But we love you with crusties on your face. I will still give you kisses even if my lips are left with jelly and slobbery unidentified food. I just have one question why do you have to touch you luscious hair every time?

Sunday, August 9, 2009

6 years

Happy 6 years!!! If only we were able to go on our honey moon twice this would be the year that I would want to. We would bring Daegen of course he would enjoy the blue Caribbean ocean in st.Marten and Tortola.
It has been a long year with you going to school and all. But it has been the best year also. Each year we grow together. I feel I have grown up with you (were still not all the way grown up yet) if you look at the picture we look like little kids. crazy to think how long ago that was. I love that we stay up late, because that's the only time we can see each other. I love that we slow dance in the kitchen, we go to Starbucks on Saturday mornings, We love to travel, we like the ocean/lake, we enjoy listening to music, we have great friends, we go on walks at night, and we get to share Daegens childhood together and make it magical for him. Brock I love you, your are a great dad Daegen is lucky to have you. I'm lucky also to have a husband who despite all that is going on in your life, makes time for me.

Who would have thought that this :


and this:

would fall in love and have a modern day miracle happen in their lives :

Saturday, August 8, 2009

the fair

we went to the fair ! In preparation we sat on the porch waiting for dad to get home and ate a little snack. We took out each animal cracker from the bag of animal crackers and made the sounds of each animal and then enjoyed them.

mom are you really going to take pictures? I want my snack.

ummm they look good.
Just reading the sugar content. I think it Will be OK just for today.
oink, oink goes the piggy.
moooooo.... goes the cow.

little billy goat

all I could get was the back side of these poor little goats

Sunday, August 2, 2009

8 months

this 8 month pic was hard to get he is constantly moving so most of them were blurry

my babe is already 8 months old. i can hardly believe this sweet boy is growing so fast. ooh i love those cheeks. he is in such a fun stage. He has learned to sit, and crawl and still learning to wave. He is always on the go reaching for toys, chewing toys, trying new foods, playing hide and go seek with mom, making his monster voice , while saying dada, and when he is stressed a little mama comes out once in awhile too. among my favorites is Daegy babies hysterical laugh, especially when his dad is throughing him around he can’t move he is laughing so hard.
i've enjoyed shooting mini movies of him and his new tricks. recently i caught him discovering his knees. Daegen squealed, pleased to be moving another part of his body. he sat there, just smiling . i look at him and know what
living the good life feels like.

Daegy baby likes:

reading goodnight moon

playing the guitar with dad

sitting up


putting everything in his mouth

listening to Bob Marley
eating with his hands
unfolding clean laundry
smiling for the camera
watching me sign more food
taking his shoes off and eating them
playing in the bath tub
(with or without water)
grabbing for noses
jabbering and giggling
intently studying the noisy vacuum
(or the hairdryer, the blender...)
zooming like an airplane
playing find mama around the house

(it turns into peekaboo or I sneak behind him)
We do a lot of this