fab four

fab four

Saturday, December 26, 2009

merry christmas from the millers

This Christmas we spent the holidays with Brocks side of the Family. We missed Monica , but we knew that she was having an unforgettable time spending Christmas with the people of Italy. Watching all the cousins play together was so fun and it was fun to see Daegen and Emmett play together just a couple of more years and they will be on the same level of playing. I have lots of pictures not in order but I'll explain.

Derald with his home made gift from us.
Daegens Loot from Santa.
Margo spent 2 years making an advent Calendar for every family. It will be a treasure to display in our home year after year. thank you Margo.
this is Emmett's toy that all the kids drove around the house Christmas morning. so fun.
Daegen was a lamb for the Nativity Play. cute little tail.

Daegen loves his cousins.
the 2 little sheep playing around.

Derald tracking Santa for the kids. That was a highlight Christmas eve.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

good bye my love

Daegen and Baby Jane said there last good bye's today. They are very sad but they told them selves to not dwell on what might have been. They are sad that they wont be going into Nursery together or start kindergarten either it was a sad day for all of us. We love you and miss you whites.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

were moving

For those of you that didn't know we put our house up for sale in October we got an offer with in 3 weeks and we excepted it. When we put our house up for sale we thought that we would just feel the market see what people are wanting to buy. We never thought our house would have an offer on it so quickly. We also thought that we were going to Buy or build a house here in Cache Valley. Well, like Brock and I have learned through the years, life doesn't go as planned so theres really no reason to plan ( I just added that, but sometimes it feels like that). So Over thanks giving Brock got a job offer and we will be moving to Portland, OR the first of January. We are really excited to be starting a new chapter in our lives, but also very (extremely) sad to be leaving such good friends and family. I just feel sick inside knowing that we will be leaving something thats so comfortable. I will be leaving the house that I feel that I have emotionally and spiritually grown up in, in many different ways . The house that we brought Daegen home to. I will miss waking up to the sun beating in my bedroom window and reflecting off my white sheets and white walls making me feel like I'm waking up in a cloud. I will miss the summer morning when I would leaving the front door open and let the sun beam in and the fresh cool morning air breeze in. I will miss the cozy fall and winter nights we would sit by the wood burning stove . Eating outside under our shady trees on those hot summer nights. There are so many things I will miss about this house. But I can't wait to start a new chapter in our lives.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

cutting down the christmas tree

Our tradition of cutting down a Christmas tree is still in play, it always will hopefully. This year we were able to pack up the dogs and bundle up Daegen and off we went into the woods. We were able to drive pretty deep into the forest because we had the help of Brocks truck. Of course we eyed a 30 foot tree and had to do a little trimming to make it fit under our 10 foot ceilings. We did and it was beautiful.

Daegen ready for his adventure.
Daegen and dad ready to cut the Christmas tree. ( it looks like Brock is going to saw off Daegen's leg)
Brock cutting it down/
mom and Daegen
the dogs leading the way.
exhausted after a long day of cutting down the Christmas tree.

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Happy birthday sweet boy. #1

My boy, my daegy buns, my love bug. 12 months today. Oh how you've grown, I almost said changed, but it's not that you've changed really. You are simply turning into the you that was always there. and i love that. You are A child of God, someone so special. I love knowing the you, that unfolds every day. From the moment you were born, others told us, it only gets better. And i thought, no way, this is the best. This is magic. this is it. and it was.,yet it is. My heart is growing with you. We are so in love.

Dear Daegen,

WOW!!! one year ago I still can remeber the feelings I had when we were able to meet you for the first time. What lucky parents we are to be able to raise such a perfect , beautiful child from God. I had waited so long to be a mother that it felt surreal. I kept looking at your dad and he had a smile from ear to ear just beaming with joy. I had to keep pinching my self to see if this was really real. Us parents? really ? I thought that for the rest of my life we were just going to be an aunt and uncle to our family and friends kids. But on that cold December morning at 8:55 a.m. God entrusted us with you. I will be forever grateful to our loving heavenly father and to your wonderful selfless birth mother who wanted to give you more than she could give you at that time.
After you were born you were quickly admitted to the NCUI . I remember you had to get an IV put in your little hand, and how you held on to your daddys finger so tightly. Thats when I knew you would look up to your dada, and be a daddys boy. That has been the case as the year went on. You and your dad our insuperable. You can't go through a day with out saying dada over and over. I love watching you two play. Its how little boys are suppose to play with there dads. I just love it.
I remember a year ago when we brought you home. There is just something about a baby, how it makes life slow down and a little sweeter. The slow part only lasted for a month or two, then it went full speed ahead. And now were here at your one year mark. You still bring a different diminution to life. life is still sweeter with you and its full of curiosity, wobbly legs, truck sounds,flying food, apprehension, wet kisses, hugs, jabbers, scattered toys, and love lots of love.
i love you Daegen,
thank you for turning my world
upside down.
it's a better view from here.

birthday bashes

We celebrated Daegens birthday in Portland over the thanksgiving weekend. Its kinda nice to have his birthday around a holiday because you can have your whole family there. He was spoiled of course by everyone. Heres some pics, there not in any order.

G.G. and her G.Gs ( beck is really not that big, but he is a big guy)
uncle Mattie and D.B.
Auntie Em, Aunt Beth, Daegen and Aunt ME ME
the Cake (of course we had to get a Jaciva cake, its the bakery that has done everyones wedding cakes I even think my grandparents) nothing but the best for my little guy. He even had his own little one.
playing with his new toys.

every single toy we opened he would get a this really excited face and and wave his arms up and down. It was really cute.
it was past his bed time. He did not get into the cake at all.
thinking about touching it.
blowing out the candles.

On his actual birthday we invited Baby Jane and her parents over. Our Utah relatives were either out of town or had other plans so we celebrated the following Sunday with them(but I forgot my camera so we don't have any pictures) it was so fun to be celebrating my little boys first birthday.

Daegy and Daddy
mommy and Mr. D
his birthday party (he is afraid of the balloons)
On our way home from getting the balloons. He was liking them at the store, but once I got on the main road he was hysterical. I felt so bad.
So excited to have baby Jane at his party.