fab four

fab four

Monday, September 27, 2010

Daegen update

So after a lot of complaints of me not blogging...... Here I am. I 'm going to go purchase a camera for FHE tonight!!! Brock doesn't know it yet! I'm tired of not capturing Daegens life the way I used to. I do take pictures on our old camera but there going to get lost because I don't have a way to down load them to my computer. Funny thing is they are getting mixed in with the Thousands of pictures of when he was just a week old. I think I have probably 100 pictures (not even kidding )of him taking his first bath. So today I was able to capture some typical Daegen moments this morning. Before I do show you.. Just a couple updates on him.

#1He knows one shape its a star and he will say tar tar, it takes me awhile sometimes to understand what he is saying so I'll be like Oh you want a drink as he is holding up his sheriffs badge thats a star, I 'll go ohh yes my brilliant child IT IS A STAR!!! kiss kiss tear.
#2 He also is known as the bully in nursery he is the one that pushes your kid down. Yes and I have to face the parents of the kids and I'll say sorry and in my head be thinking what am I going to say next ....and then blame it on my husband always smacking my bum in front of Daegen. And then later when I get home I'll be thinking what did I just disclose to these people. As Brock walks by giving me a little love tap on my bum.
#3 Daegen is becoming little picaso , He is a really intense artist. I don't want to say colorer( if thats a word) or drawer because its so much more than that. He carries a little pad around the house and intensely draws on a post it note pad with a pencil. He will make art with crayons at the table but he tries had to not mix the colors its one color here and another color there. Its pretty perfect.
#4 Daegen still wont say mom. One day I was on a roll asking him all the animals sounds and asked about dad and then I asked who is his mama and he freezes and looks out the window like we weren't even having this conversation. One day I hope he will recognize me by a name other than dada , call me anything, call me scooter, anything.
#5 Daegen is obsessed I mean obsessed with anything that has an engine!!!! Cars, Trucks , trains, fire trucks, scooters, power wheels, motorcycles, 4 wheelers, etc..... And he loves this little show called Thomas the train. He is kinda into the Trains right now in a major way. Train this cho cho that. let me tell you I think that show is so creepy. I would rather watch the Wiggles , I know weird but true.
#6 through out the day you can here him saying Teet or deek. Teet is treat and deek is drink its very hard to hear the difference but at least the drink has a hand movement to go with it.
#7 When he has a poopy diaper he holds his pointer finger up to his nose and says stinky even if its a little gas and he laughs if he hears a toot.
#8 At church Daegen hung out in the back with the old guys and played trucks with them.
#9 He is a Dare Devil point blank!!! it scares me!!!
#10 He will make amazing realistic siren sounds. You would think your getting pulled over there so real.
#11 He still loves his veggies. If you have a salad he wants to sit on your lab and chow down on his veggies.
#12 He loves to dance. I told Brock that I wanted to put him in a dance class . Brock said you don't put a boy in a dance class just because he loves to dance. I beg to differ there my friend. there are lots of other dancing classes than Ballet!!!
#13 he loves gum. Today Daegen came running out of my room with gum in his mouth I asked him where he got is and went towards me room and he goes UHMMM and tries to push me aways from going in and taking his hidden stash.
#14 he says Uh oh to everything its so cute.
I think thats pretty much our life with little Daegen right now. He keeps us on our toes!!!

He will place this car on anything high and try to drive off of it. He does it at my moms house to with something similar.

Daegen the Artist.
close up of the artist.
He is saying cheese. (Oh almost forgot. Every time he gets his picture taken he says cheese.)

Thursday, September 2, 2010

21 months

Daegen today you turned 21 months. Your getting so close to being 2 years old, I can't believe it! I enjoy hanging out with you everyday and seeing all that you know. I love that you know all of your animal sounds, and that your dog sound isn't ruff ruff its heavy panting. your car sounds are pretty impressive also. I can totally tell the difference between your motorcycle and your truck sounds you are super talented. I'm not just saying that because I'm your mom.
Today we went on a nature hike in our back yard, you are an amazing black berry picker. I love how you picked up a stick and poked at the bushes and would scream ah ah ah until I picked it. Then you would eat it. Then my favorite thing you did was walked around the back yard with using your stick as a walking stick or cane. You were hunched over and using the stick to help you walk. the things you come up with are so funny. We finished up the berry picking and walked back to the house and held hands. Daegen never get to old to hold my hand, even when your 16 please still hold my hand even if you don't want to . I love it !
For dinner we went to the country club to meet grandma and papa and daddy and auntie em and uncle Matt. You love running around outside and you love playing in the golf carts and the putting green. You take the flags out of the holes and swing them around. Then today you came up with a new game where you run to the doors to the indoor restaurant and shake the doors tell you get them to open. That was fun while it lasted because then we took you straight home and put you to bed and you fell right to sleep. love you little guy. The good the bad and the ugly.

miller Reunion

We had a Family reunion in Idaho. It was my grandmothers 80th Birthday / reunion. It was so good to see everyone. My grandmother look so good you couldn't even tell she was sick and going through chemo. I wish we lived closer to everyone. look at these pics of my grandparents so cute.
so inlove

When I think of my grandmother I see her laughing just like this. She is a funny lady.

signature laugh with the hand in the air.
birthday wishes.
great grand kids.
girls in chatting

boy hanging outside.
the whole gang

grand kids
grand kids funny face
scooter racing

tired baby
getting ready for the slip n slide.
not so into the slip n slide.
riding the scooter with dad.
I love this princess scooter!!!!

get off my princess scooter.
Who won?
Looks like Daegen Won . Look at that form.

(Pictures from Beth Curtis Photography)