fab four

fab four

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

unpredictable 2's

Daegen has been interesting to say the least.
One sweet thing he did was he fell asleep in the car and I went to go grab him and it woke him up. I'm holding him and he says hug mama and he kisses my shoulder. Such a sweet kid.
but...... then we went to a book store and he broke a book if that makes since right in front of the cashier. So I had to buy the tractor book. Then we went out to lunch just the 2 of us and he was a hit everyone was coming over and saying how adorable he was and how he had the cutest personality. And as his mom I thought well of course he does. But then the take out boxes made the appearance and well, he insisted on wearing it on his head for the rest of the day. We went to Trader Joe's with the take out box on his head. He would scream and yell if I asked him to take it off and try to bite me if I touched it. I just let it be.
At Trader Joe's they have small child size carts for kids and he found a gang of kids with there carts and joined them. He had my food in his cart so I was a little frustrated when I went to go put something in my cart and A. he was gone or B. he would throw out my items and replace them with his
take out box as hat.
the broken book

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Daegens morning.

Daegen has not been sleeping really well at night , so he usually ends up on our floor around 3 in the morning. I know what your thinking he has always been a good sleeper! But I guess good things come to an end sometime.
Anyways, This morning he slept in on our floor and while he did, I started to get ready for the day. I later went in to go peek on him through the glass doors that we have and watched Daegen slowly cheerfully wake up. It was adorable. He rolled onto his back stretched his arms and sat there for awhile. Then he got up and I thought he was going to go straight to my side of the bed. He didn't he walked to our big windows with a huge smile , he took in the beautiful view smiling the whole time looking up at the chirping birds. It made me so happy that he was loving where we lived. Then he stood at the window cell and placed his head in his hands with one leg back contemplating about something. Then he kept enjoying the view. It was so adorable. Then he started to walk to my side of the bed so I went in and he ran to me and said Hi mama, mama , mama, and gave me a huge hug. Then he looked at Brocks side of the bed and said daddy at work? which we have to go through about 10 times a day that Daddy's at work.
After all that, he noticed that I was wearing jeans. He says to me "JEANS, YEAH" I guess he was excited that I wasn't in my work out clothes ready to take him to Kids Klub at the gym.

Daegen is getting really good and putting words together. He is expressing himself through words more and it is getting pretty funny. He just is funny and I think he thinks up things to say that he knows is really funny.
Another thing, is he has a huge crush or just really likes this little girl Rowen. which he nicked name her Rowey. Last Sunday we were on our way to nursery and he drags me over to where Rowey is and goes up to her and puts his arm around her and gives her a kiss. Then he holds her hand and the 3 of us go to nursery holding hands. This is all him, what a gentleman this kid is. Also everyday he asks about Rowey. Wheres Rowey mama? Which we do see her a lot during the week , Her mom and I do a lot of things together. Like take walks or go on hikes, we do Costco trips together. So every time we go to the grocery store he gets into his cart and pats to the seat next to him and says Rowey?
One other thing about this kid I don't want to forget. When ever were going toward the direction to my moms house he says G.G.'s house? But when we get really close and take a certain sharp curve he knows that were really going to G.G.'s house and he will cheer G.G. and Pa Pa's house Yeah!!!!!!
We are lucky parents this kid makes everything worth while.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Brocks sweet Grandmother passed away last week. So we did a marathon trip to Canada. We spent 14 hours to drive there and stayed 4 hours for the funeral and then turned around and drove 14 hours home. We made it a couples trip and left Daegen with my parents. We thought a 2 year old in the car for 28 straight hours equals not a good equation. Daegen got spoiled by his GG and PAPA so that made for a happy kid. Brock and I had some good bonding time and funny stories to tell.

We found this Motel around 2:30 in the morning it was looking really good . So we snatched up the last room. I'm just keeping warm by the "fire".
It was a trailer park that was made into hotel rooms. We could hear everything that are neighbors were doing.
Trailer park confirmed.
Then 3.5 hours later we drove less than a mile and found we had a lot of hotels to pick from. The Flamingo Motel was looking like a dumb choice as we drove down the street.
That morning was an amazing drive. It was so beautiful. Pictures don't do it justice.
Brock called it the smell of money and I called it the smell of stinky cow manure.
Brock and I with his Grandfather. He is such an awesome guy.
3 generations.
Brocks Grandparents house in Raymond
Main street in Raymond town.
This was for Daegen. Which he loved by the way. Their claim in the city of Sparwood, British Columbia was that this is the worlds' biggest truck.

spring break trip to sunriver

Over spring break we went to Sun river with our friends. We had four families in a house. It was a lot of fun. A little loud and chaotic but worth it. When the kids went to bed we defiantly had our fun time. Lots of hot tube time and games. We would stay up till 1 in the morning, so when the kids got up in the morning we were exhausted. The guys took a day and went snowboarding which was some good male bounding time. Even though it was Spring break and we got snow. We were thrilled for it because we don't get any where we live. Snow or sun is good for us. Tell next year.

We will need to watch these two as they get older. Daegen was putting the moves and Rowen.
The guys of course had to bring the ping pong table in from the garage.
Then they had to do the polar bear dip.
freezing cold water
then rushed to the hot tub.

Daegen and dad chilling in the hot tub.
The babies watching the big kids.
Daegen and Ethan eating of course.
Daegen found this decoration and kept pulling me over to his find going. Yee Haa MAMA YEE HAA MAMA. He is so funny.
Went on a hike. The kids loved the patched of snow. They were mesmerized by the "NO" as Daegen calls it.
The moms. We were missing Kristy. The fab 4 was not complete. She must of had a sleeping baby at the cabin.
mom and the boy.
(snow )"No" angel.
Then he thought that he could make snow angels in the grass.