fab four

fab four

Monday, September 26, 2011

Our weekend

Daegen likes to start his morning off with a sneaky big scoop of ice cream. We now have no treats in the freezer and a lock on the fridge. He is getting a little to independent. We took daegen fishing on the boat Friday night he was loving it and oddly enough was afraid of the worms. On Saturday morning we were in the local parade called the Teddy bear parade and daegen drove the big shred truck with dad. And last but not least Brock was watching a movie with the boys Sunday morning and noticed that pierce would not take his eyes off the tv. Every time he would movie he would move his head so he could watch. To funny.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Pierces first 8 weeks of life


We Love you Pierce. In your short little life you have experienced a lot. To name a few.......You lost a lot of weight and got down to 5 pounds 4 oz and we had to take you to fat camp at the hospital. It was a short little over night stay over your parents 8 year anniversary which, including a feeding tube. You experience lots I mean lots of attention and love from your Brother. You went on your first boat Ride. Your first trip to Mt. Hood and Multnomah Falls. You have slept in a Tent, and went to your first movie( the Lion king) and your first Football game(and PSU won).  We love you little chunkier.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

the last three weekends in pictures


Explanation of pics. We went camping in our back yard last friday and Daegen thought that this was the coolest thing. They even came in for a potty and water break around one, and Daegen insisted that they go back out to the tent.  We took The boys to go see Lion King. I forgot how crazy scary it was, Daegen  resorted to sitting on the floor. But we made up for it by taking him to a PSU foot ball game with Uncle Match and PaPa. Oh and of course Pierce was with us this whole week end adventure with no peeps. We took Brock clothes shopping a couple weeks ago and Daegen found a long board in a store and new exactly what to do with one . We went on a date with some Friends a fun adventure we took the boat downtown and docked it right out side the restaurant.  Oh and Daegen loves I mean loves mowing the lawn.

So we have been busy very busy. I can't believe how time flies. With 2 boys I feel like a can't get anything done. We finally put the smack down on bed time and life is getting a little bit easier , hence the blogging.

Monday, September 19, 2011