fab four

fab four

Saturday, October 31, 2009


We had a great Halloween. Grandma came over and had an orange dinner with us. Then Daegens girlfriend came over and they shared a couple of smiles and tugs and each others costumes. We had a couple of trick or treaters. Then we decided that we were to tired to go to any Halloween party's so Brock and I stayed in and watch 48 hour mystery and ate our left over Halloween candy.

two little love bugs

our orange dinner. sweet potato fries, cooked carrots and macaroni and cheese.
grandma and the monkey.

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

pumpkin walk

The week of halloween we went out with friends to a pumpkin walk. It was really cute I had never been there. This year the theme was "favorite commercial" I was loving it because it was mostly 80's commercials and I remembered most of them. Here are some pics below.

I thought those peas are so cute!!!
the Micheal jackson Pepsi commercial
here is the gang. (brock was missing he had to do HW)
daegen and I (It looks like he is sleeping)
there was an M&M in every scene.

murder mystery dinner

We had a mystery dinner with some friends. It was a blast. Thank you Allreds for putting it together, it was a lot of fun. we were all dressed as a certain character and had to act out the character. We didn't realize all our names were a play on words before we came, so we had a good laugh as we figured them out.
here we are trying to crack the mystery.
here I am Dee (the seducer) the rebel.
here is Del (toyds) the jock
prissy( the smart one)
Joe ( the business man)
rick( the rebel)
penny (the rich one)
cal(cal culator) the smart one
E.C. ( she was the cheer leader )

Monday, October 12, 2009

Ouch growing pains!!

cute little face with a fat lip!
Apart of growing up is learning how to do things on your own. Daegen has been learning to stand by himself and climbing on furniture and increasing his speed in his crawling technique.
So when Daegen and I were having a crawling contest he biffed it face first onto the hard wood floor. He had a few tears and a couple drops of blood but got right back up and tried again.

Friday, October 2, 2009

10 months

Its almost next to impossible to take a picture of this dude at least by my self. So the pictures get less perfect. This one was the only one that wasn't close up or blurry.
look at that cute #9 (upper left(his left) top tooth) . He has worked hard for these two front teeth lots of tears and sleepless nights.

Well, the lil' man is enjoying his food of course he will eat all vegetables even squash. He can say mama and dada and doooog and he also likes to growl at everything and response to everything with a RRRRRRRRR. I guess it perfect for the spooky Halloween season , but it doesn't go really well with a monkey costume:( his growl has been getting pretty deep, I'm afraid its going to ruin his vocal cords. I guess if it does we will have to take him to a speech therapist. Brock had to go because he had a raspy voice, father like son I guess. We can't forget the car noises he has worked really hard on too. We play cars everyday and he will make the sounds like a car and push it around .
He also has found himself quit funny and will laugh with or at himself can't decide. Brock and I have officially started the count down till he gets to go to nursery at church, he is a handful always wanting to move and touch every ones shoes and taking toys away from babies, we have 8 more months to go. He is such a sweet baby and I have found it hard for me to leave that sweet boy for more than an hour. He is so fun and full of life we love you Daegy buns :)