fab four

fab four

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Update on midnight and the out side of our home

Before I give you the update on midnight (our car) here is a little peek of our new home. Its just the out side, Sorry I know the inside is a little more fun but I guess I'm not ready to show it off yet. When we bought the house I was so excited to get in and decorate the house there were so many rooms to have fun and be creative with. Well, I got completely overwhelmed. I'm so use to decorating small spaces and having pieces that multifunction. Non of my new furniture works, but we still use it for the time being. So it took about 2 months to find the right paint color for my main house color and I'm glad that I took the time to find the right color because I LOVE IT. So once I got the paint up I could get the mirror and pictures up (well some of them). It felt more like home and has gotten me more motivated to do more but also I feel very over whelmed this house is A LOT bigger than my old house. So Here are some pics....

this is the front of our house
this is the back and the fire pit.
my mother swing

the awesome lighting in our back yard
the extreme swing is up and running

HERE is the update on Midnight.......

she finally got Oregon plates!!!!!! I've been dodging the police for months and now I feel less like a convict. Except for my drivers license is still a utah one. Opps we will see how long that takes me to change over.
Brock went to take the screws out and the tops of them just crumbled so the rest of the screw was imbedded in the hole. So luckily VW made an extra set of holes so we had to just screw on the plates.
Oh and Daegen really thought he was helping. The next day we were in the garage and he went and got a screw driver and went to the back of my car and pretended to work on my car. Its so funny because through out the day when brocks not here he does stuff that him and his dad did last night. Its so cute. He loves his dad.