fab four

fab four

Sunday, February 6, 2011

update in pictures

Here are a couple weeks in pictures. Starting with the most recent week. Ohh, and maybe this week I can finish posting about christmas since its been almost 2 months ago.

Wine and Roses:

This is the only picture that we got this year at the fundraiser event called "Wine and Roses" for Portland State University athletics, which is where Brock finished his MBA after we moved to Portland. This day was the the day I dreaded. Not because of the fundraiser but because we had a long day out in Beaverton with our adoption classes from 10 to 3 then the fundraiser from 5 to 10:30ish. And we had to switch babysitters while we were away, because grandma and papa were meeting us at the fundraiser and it was so stressful for me being away from Daegs. But it went smooth and we "won" some cool stuff. (I put won in quotations because we just won the bids and we still had to pay for them.)

Winston the dog:

Winston the dog has been renamed by Daegen. He now goes by the name "Homie", yes Homie. Brock and I still call him Winston occasionally but when we refer to the dog to Daegen its Homie. But anyways we Love Homie, he is such a puppy the good and the bad, but we love that we have him in our home.

Daegen loves to take bubble baths. He will look at us and say "bubble"...with this big smile and then we say "nooo" laughing and Daegen has really taken to this statement over and over. This time, I heard a faint yell "get the camera....the dogs in the tube" I thought no he didn't...Brock put the dirty dog in the bath with my son who were trying to clean. He did!!!! Things like this shouldn't phase me anymore but sometimes I get a winner and "surprise" I'm phased. But Brocks such a good dad, he make up for it.
Daegen and Homie looking out side.
Daegen pointing where the dog pooped on the front porch. Its a phase the dogs going through. It happens at least once a day.

Cute Daegen with his new hat on he loves!!!!! he loves hats.


Daegen enjoying his independence and his parents letting him get away with it. A couple Saturdays ago Daegen was pretty opinionated about what shoes he was going to wear for our Saturday morning errands. So With our pride set aside we let him wear the shoes he wanted.... a croc on one foot and a navy lace up shoe on the other.

He is so happy that he gets to wear "his Pick"
It didn't look that bad when he was walking.

Children Museum:

A couple Fridays ago I meet my old college room mate at the children's museum in Portland. Her kids are a lot older than Daegen and they all had so much fun, theres so much to do. Karliegh and I had such a good time catching up It was like we see each other everyday but its been 4 years!!!!! We keep telling our selves we just need to make plans and do it. So we will, because they will be moving soon her husband is almost done with medical school and then off to residency. Where ever that may be.

Daegen loved this digging room with big trucks and shovels.

the water was a favorite too.

and the construction room.

This is him making friends with a little boy he randomly bumped into inside the trunk of a tree during story time.

Mama's Helper...

He fights me for the vacuum. He loves to vacuum.