fab four

fab four

Saturday, March 27, 2010

beach trip 2 of 2

Second day we took it easy went out for breakfast then took a nap. When Daegs got up we headed to the beach and relaxed ,flew a kite and played in the sand. He chased some birds then it was time for his second nap. We walked home and cleaned up the house, packed up our car then headed home the long way. We thought we would drive to Tillamook for some squeaky cheese and an ice cream cone. We did think we would have enough time to do that, and pick up my parents from the Air port at 7:30. We get a call from my dad when we got to the factory and he said they were landing at 6:30. So we rushed through the lines got our dairy needs and drove home and to the airport in an hour. We had a fun get away its so relaxing and such a treat to be able to go and get away when every we want. We are so lucky to have a beach house close by. As we were driving away Brock said ,the beach is really one of the most relaxing places. It is , it really is.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Beach trip 1 of 2

We decided to go to the beach for the night. This was the first time Daegen was walking and at the beach. It brought a whole new element to our beach trip. We were both so excited to see him having the time of his life. He was born to be a beach bum. He would walk around and just bury his hands in the sand and then run to the water and run away form the waves. He loved chasing the seagulls and watching the dogs play catch. Then we went in to Moe's restaurant for there famous Clam chowder. Yum It as delicious. then we drove home and went to bed.

G. Hero in the making

When we first found out that our first child was going to be a boy, I think Brock was thinking about all the fun things that him and his little buddy could do together. I secretly think he couldn't wait for the day to be able to play "guitar Hero" with the kid. And I honestly think Daegen couldn't wait to come down to play with Brock. Since Brock has brought out the Wii Daegen will now go to the secret hiding spot where we put the guitars and remotes and drag them out for me to play with him. He so lucky to have a good dad to play with.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Doggy dog world

Daegen is pretty lucky to be able to have 2 dogs to play and kiss every day. He loves them. I think some times he thinks that he is a dog. He eats there food, crawls around out side on all fours, and he licks them and kisses them.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

It was worth my while

Back when Daegen was about six months old I started to teach him sign language. He wasn't interested and I kind of got bored teaching him because I wasn't see any results and I thought "I'll teach him when he is a little bit older and when he will want to learn." Then he started to say words and I never really thought about signing again. Then out of the blue he was sighning food to me and saying a something like foo. So I took him into the kitchen and I let him pick something out. Then he signed me drink and I thought were did he get this from. But the funny thing is , is he still says the words with the signs or his rendition of it. So then I decided to teach him some more words and he knows those. He talks all the time still but at least when he signs we know what he wants. The cutest thing was we were at church and I put him in the nursery and at the end of church he was getting to tired and he kept signing me food but he didn't want anything I couldn't figure it out until he was signing food and pointing to his NUK. I then looked up the sign for pacifier and it very similar to food. So he was right on. Such the perfect child.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

copy cat

Daegen has become quite the copy cat. He will try to say anything any one says. So for now we have to watch what we say, we can't say !@#$ or $#%^ and obviously this @#$% (J/K). Its a good thing Brock and I aren't big into cussing but we are living with my family and my youngest sister does use words like buns and boob and lots of bodily function verbs. So will see how he turns out. If he ever says anything obscene to you don't hold it against us.
don't say I didn't warn you. :) wish us luck.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Heart Broken

We had to put our dogs down today. There was an accident which our dogs were involved in and hurt another dog( not just a dog Brock's parents dog Brem) severely. My heart aches for our losses. But they have had lots of chances to redeem them selves from similar incidents. But it doesn't make this day any easier. This will be a life changing thing for us. The Millers with out any dogs?!?!? For so Long all the kids in the neighborhood new us as Blitzlii and Regans parents. That's who we were the ones with the wild dogs the kids loved to take Blitzliis blanket away and take them for walks they also loved to throw them sticks. I will be honest I have a lot more memories of Blitzlii then Regan. I guess you could say Blitzlii was there for me in my most challenging years. After every disappointing infertility appointment I would have Blitzlii to come home to and cuddle with and make me feel better. His sweet little head would be drenched in tears. I knew I always had him cry on. He even slept in our bed and he always had a blanket to suck on. Every time we left butter on the counter it would be snatched by Blitz, he L.O.V.E.D. butter. He was very spoiled which lead to a hard transition when we decided to get him a sister. We got Regan 3 years later and Blitzlii probably hated us for the first 6 months. He learned to get over it. The sweetest thing Regan ever did was she took the role of Daegens Nanny right away. When Daegen would wake up from a nap she would come and nudge my knee to tell me that the baby was up. She was always very protective of him. Blitzlii never was really into Daegen. But Daegen's first laugh was when he would watch the dogs play catch and jump up in the air,( Regan was an amazing jumper she could jump so high) then Daegen would laugh. This was when he was about 4 months old. One of Daegens First words was Blitzlii. That makes me cry thinking about it. Every time I put Daegen in his High chair he would look out the windows to find blithli (Blitzlii). I always pictured Blitzlii and Regan being in Daegens growing up years. When I picture Daegen playing in the new houses big back yard I see the dogs running with him.
I'm really crushed I have a hard time thinking about it. We never got to say our good bye's to them. They were such good family dogs they were my babies, my first children my only children for five years and I don't know if I could have gone through those 5 years with out them. I'm scared to move into our new house because I know that all these same feeling will rise to the surface again when we don't have them there to make our house a home. That's what they did for me for those 5 years with no kids is made my house a home. It will be hard. Now Every house we look at we still will be thinking about those dogs, because one of our requirements for a new house was a big yard so they could run and be free and so Daegen could run with them. All day long in my head I would think about all the good times we had with those dogs. We loved them like they were our children. It will take time to heal I guess. I just wish this whole thing was under different circumstances then I think I would feel a little bit better and that if it wasn't both dogs at the same time.
I'm really sad today don't know when I'll get over it but hopefully it will just get easier. When the movie Marley and Me came out Brock and I thought that , that movie was our life to the T. And it was totally our life x2. I guess that's why I always thought that Daegen would appreciated these dogs more before they died. Because in the movie the oldest child felt a greater loss for the dog because he was there while the boy was growing up. The dog was in all the home videos and pictures. To me a boy needs a dog and a house isn't a home with out a dog either.
Blitzlii and Regan we loved and love you. We will miss you. Thank you for all the good time we were able to share, you would of loved it out here in Oregon. The weather is mild and there are lots of forest you would of loved to get lost in. We had planed out all the places we were going to take you so you could run around and enjoy the beautiful outdoors Oregon has to offer. We couldn't wait to take you to the beach you would of loved the ocean and chasing the seagulls. We love you and will miss snuggling with you. Till we meet again. Love , your mom

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Telephone Maddness

Daegen as really been obsessed with telephones for along time. We have let Daegen play with our cell phones since he was six months old. He will sit and Text on our phones for a really long time. TO him nothings better that sitting back and texting.