fab four

fab four

Monday, May 24, 2010

Shingo road trip

Brock had to be at a conference in SLC this past week. So we packed up our bags and went with him. We couldn't let Brock go alone and miss out on our social time in Utah. Daegen was anticipating his reunion with baby Jane and he couldn't wait to see his Grandma margo and Grandpa Robert. We had such a great time seeing everyone, we had play groups and luncheons and bbq's with our friends (whom we miss very much). We really didn't see Brock that much since we were in Logan and he was in SlC but we managed to have a good time. It seemed like we were constantly on the go therefore Daegen missed his 6:30 bedtime by about 4 hours every night. Which turned out ok, he has 2 tired sides either the really frustrated and mad tired or the happy drunk tired, we got the happy drunk most nights. If we didn't get to see you I'm sorry but we will be back soon ,I think end of June. In anticipation of our house closing by then. Here are some pics of our trip.

Here we are at the shingo prize conference dinner.

Daegen and baby Jane so in love.

Daegen and Jane with future father in law Richard.

Brock comforting Daegen till the front desk could unlock the door.
The video is at the bottom of page.
Daegen and Grandma margo

Brock took this picture????

Megan and her family watched Daegen while we went to the banquette dinner.

Us with Megan and her sweet sister Jamie.
High lights of the trip:
-Brock getting in a car accident an hour before we are to leave for utah.
-having to rent a mini van.
-the satellite radio (loved it)
-Daegens ear drum ruptured
-seeing new baby Robert
-playing with cousins
-seeing old friends with lots of play dates and a BBQ the last day.
-finding buyers for our house in Wellsville
-Daegen locked him self into an empty room at the hotel and we had to call the front desk to come help us.
-Daegen walked me up a 15 foot slide and wanted to go down again and again.
-Meeting Dr. Stephan Covey
-Daegen was able to spend good quality time with his Megan and her family. (love them)
-painting our house in the Rain.
- Standing in line at cafe rio and Deagen broke my necklace , and the beads went all over the floor.
-4 wheelers and dirt bikes at grandpas house
-daegen pretending he is on a dirt bike revving the engine with his wrist and making the sounds.
-Had packed all my shoes the night before and in the morning had to wear sweats with high heels.( Brock didn't think that was ok so he unpacked the car and got me other shoes.)
-Triangle (in a really soft creepy voice)
-Stinky Carls JR play area.
- Brock and I thinking were funny and laughing at our inside jokes the whole ride back to Oregon

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

man of the house

Brock is gone on a business trip till thursday. So Daegen is the man of the house. He woke up this morning around 4:30 then at 6:30 and I finally just brought him into bed with me. When 7:30 rolled around I got a hand on my shoulder and about 5 kissed through a pacifier mouth. He is doing a good job taking care of me. So thoughtful and full of compassion and love.

Oh and he has also learned how to eat with a fork. Such a little man

Sunday, May 9, 2010


When I look at him I see you, when his eyes twinkle I recall your eyes, when he smiles I see yours,

Your love for him, made him a part of me. And he will forever be a special part of you.

We love you Megan and theres not a day that goes by that we don't think of you or feel such love and gratitude towards you.


On Mothers day I can't help but thank my lucky stars that I am a mother and I have been blessed with a child. I'm so grateful for my son and the blessing he is in our family and I let him know that everyday. When we help Daegen say his prayers before bed we always say thank you to our heavenly father for Daegen and the blessing he is in our life, and I always peek at him so I can see that precious face of his smile when I say that. We want Daegen to know how much we love him and feel blessed to have him in our family. We want his birth mother to know that also. We are so lucky to have what we have and I would never ask for anything more or less. Our path of parenthood, to some may feel like it was a trial , and to others not. But what I can say is I don't feel like it has, just a huge learning experience (isn't that what parenthood is all about) . I honestly crave the spiritual feeling that we felt that whole year of IVF's and Adoption. There was something so spiritual about that year and then it was topped off with the most amazing feeling of a baby physically being placed in our loving arms from another loving arms. There is nothing more clearer about gods plan for us then having someone place a baby in your arms. And you know with out a shadow of a doubt that god has placed this baby with you and that the baby has had help from yours and the birth mothers relatives that are in heaven trying so hard to get that baby into your home. There is nothing more tender than truly feeling those blessings being poured on you so that you can be blessed with a single soul trying to find his family here on earth.
When life is constantly throwing curve balls at us we know we have our little eternal family of three and we feel so blessed.
As a mother I feel so blessed to be related to the most beautiful mothers. I recently heard that beauty and motherhood are one and I couldn't agree more. You can't be a mother with out being beautiful.
My sister Beth is a great example to me of being a mother she takes her path as a mother with lots of laughter and makes her days as a mother exciting and always an adventure. you can tell she loves her little boy and always puts him first.
My sister in law Rebecca, is always striving for the best for her family. She is never afraid to make a sacrifice for the good of her family. She is the domestic queen and will be seen baking bread and about everything they eat is home made. She is a great teacher to her children and take the time to make life's experiences a learning experience.
My sister in law Charlotte , is a great mother of 6. She takes great lengths to raise her kids with music and poetry ,and to raise them with a fairy tale like childhood straight out of a storybook. Her kids have great imaginations and there mother should get all the credit for that. its so hard to do that in a world like today.
My Mother is a great mother. growing up she worked hard to make every occasion special she would go to great lengths to make us happy. I remember one Christmas eve my mom forgot to get NEW pjs for us. So she went out on Christmas eve night driving around to find a store open , no such luck , so we wore her pjs to bed for something new. She is always trying to make us feel special. She has sent us a package for every holiday for the past 10 years. I told her I'm going to miss those special packages that come on my doorstep now that I have moved back to Oregon. She said well I'll just make it a special delivery then and I'll drop it off on your door step. I remember as a teenager constantly having those bad days and just being a girl. On those bad days I would come home to a card from my mom with her motherly advice and her life experiences. Mom I wish I would have kept those. Those things a priceless. love you
My Mother in law has been a great example to me. I have been lucky enough to have lived by her for several years and I have seen her in action. she is the most selfless person I know. I don't even think she ever thinks about her self, she is always thinking of other and what she can do for them. So many times she has come by to clean my house or do yard work. ( That was during my IVF days) She loves her family and is always lovingly giving advice and showing her concerns. We don't know what we would do without you. love you .
Daegens birth mother is also a great example to me. She will one day be the best mother. How could she not she has already shown she puts her children's lives first over hers. We love you Megan. Don't ever forget that.

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

new adventure....

He is officially climbing onto the counterpoise. AHHH I was in aw this morning, when I noticed that he helped himself on to a tall stool to get on to the counter top to get a left over piece of toast from breakfast. I guess it shouldn't phase me he is always keeping me on my toes. Love him so much and the little things that makes us be amazed at what little boys can do. Love you, also thank you for waking up last night in time to watch Glee and dancing for us. Too cute.