fab four

fab four

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the morning "thing"

Every morning I'm anxiously awaiting for what daegen's "thing" will be that day. In the past couple weeks we have had the golf ball extravaganza, the book reading marathon, the truck obsession, and the slipper fetish that turned into the "I'm going to tell you what shoes I want to wear fetish even if there not matching". We still are in the slipper fetish But, today has turned into the back pack balloon hat morning. All morning long he has dragged the backpack out of the closet and climbed into it. He loves going into the back pack especially if Brock is mowing the lawn. I guess they bond that way over an engine running and gas fumes.
Also he has this balloon hat that has held its life for 2 weeks (and is still going strong) that he got from a creepy clown. The animal part of it is long gone but he still likes to wear the hat part. He then will share it so I get to wear it and be laughed at by him.

Side note: he has started to whisper things to me. To funny

Monday, August 16, 2010

chose it

I picked and chose my battle today and ended up with a Tonka truck....
Good thing about it was we got home and he played with it for hours, and I got sooo much done.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

7 years have gone by

Last night was our anniversary dinner and my sisters were kind enough to babysit the man of the house.
So Brock and I were off to find a mexican restaurant. It took us awhile to get the drive started , but one of our stops was in the creepiest part of portland. Brock was trying to find the ghettoest (if thats a word) mexican restaurant. He found a deli with a whole bunch of gang bangers waiting out side for us preppy white people to make a mistake and walk in so they could jump us. But before we jumped out of the car I noticed that we would be ok because the police had there own parking place, it said no parking, police parking only. That was comforting. So we decided to get the heck out of there. Then we arrived at the Original Taco House. It was next to a couple strip joints and there was a poor stripper out side taking a break. I asked Brock don't you feel like we should go give her a book of mormon. Then I asked him if you were on your mission would you have given her a B.O.M. He said no I would not. But if I saw her with clothes on maybe and not in front of her work place. But ironically enough on his mission he did teach a prostitute but didn't know it tell he went to her house and her boy friend told him.
Anyways, we ate at "the original taco house" it was ok, not what I remembered it being like. Then we headed to the Westin the place we stayed on our wedding night, and just walked around. We then walked to pioneer court house. It was bum central. There was an asian playing a plastic child's guitar and singing off tune. It was the worst music (if you can call it that) that I have ever heard. Then we had a bum walking towards us carrying a huge pink quilt. As we were walking it was one creepy sight after the next then we noticed it was pasted 9 and nothing good happens down town after 9. So we headed to 23rd street were the yippi hippi people hang out and we went to Papa Hydens for dessert.
We went home and was happy to see our place was in one piece and the man of the house was fast asleep, until he heard me talking. So then We spent an hour talking with the sisters and Nick of course (emilys boy friend). And we watched Daegen climb on the counter over and over again to eat his grapes. Isn't seven years of marriage awesome. I think so.

P.S. no pic's because my camera is broken. Can you believe it!!! so were either going to try to fix it or just go by one.

Monday, August 9, 2010

7 years

Wordle: 7 years
Just click on it to make it larger. These are all the words that describe our 7 years.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

I promise

I promise I am going to get back into the blogging world again. I have lots to post since July even pictures of our new house. By the way we love our new house:)