fab four

fab four

Friday, March 18, 2011

To my dearest Brock,

Just so you know I don't make a good traveling business mans wife. Last time you were gone I stayed up till at least 3 in the morning every night, not being able to go to bed. Thought it was random , well last night I did the same. I guess I can't fall asleep with out you here. We miss you come home soon. I'm trying really hard not to take on a make over project like a usually do when your gone. It just takes my mind off things. I promise if I do I wont spend a lot of money.... like zero money, right? Gotta get my brownie points while your away because they count as double. Love you see you in a couple days. kiss kiss muahh.
love your loving wife,

Monday, March 7, 2011

updates on the house: Before and Afters

This is not really a before pic but its before I finalized the look. Imagine a bright yellow room with a red fireplace.
this is the Kitchen. The Whole house was this color.
its not decorated yet ... hopefully soon we will get the new table that I want and a few decorations and light fixture.

Before of Daegens room:


Master bedroom
Before we moved in...

After we moved in... our poor bedroom looks so sad. we need some romance put in this room.

poo, trips, and funny boy

Yes I know ,if you can see I'm talking about poop again. But I'm not ashamed, its my life right now. This month has brought a lot of fun experience that have to do with poo. Well, I'll start off with the first one. Brock and I spent 48 hours painting and doing trim work and little house projects over a 2 day period late nights and a neglected child. So It was saturday afternoon and Daegen and Homie were out side roaming the neighborhood. Daegen on bike and homie on foot, we had to let them roam in the house, becasue they were getting to be M.I.A for to long. So we let Daegen bring his bike in the house. We get back to neglecting our child and dog and I'm in the Bathroom painting and I hear Brock saying do you smell something ahhhh are you kidding me!!!!!! I run out to see my dog and child had made a royal mess. The dog pooped and Daegen rode his bike through it and was making a poop trail with his tires all through the house. All I have to say is I'm glad he is a puppy and that we have hard wood floors. I couldn't stop laughing at the situation and the fact that Daegen kept pointing at it and saying eww poopy eww stinky. Made it even cute. I know wierd prarent.
The secound situation was not really cute or funny. We were getting ready to leave for Utah. I had everything packed and sitting in the Foyer. All Of a sudden I see poop sitting on Daegens Jacket. I was thinking you have got to be kidding me. That dog is going to drive me crazy!!! Nothing really exciting happend after that just that we got on the road and as we drove to Utah the Snow storm that Oregon got Followed us the whole ride there. But it was worth it because We got to see Monica come home from her mission from Italy.
So here are our pics for the rest of this month.

Poop on the coat.
The NW Snow Storm. Every thing was shut down because of this dust of snow.
Then we get to Utah and wake up to this. And nothing closes down.
Daegen and his Grandpa plowing the snow.
Here we are making a poster at the Airport getting ready for Monica to Arrive home.
Below: there she is arriving
We went to Cafe Rio. Brock and I were just as excited to eat there as was monica. We don't have them in Oregon;(
The Cousins were running wild at the after closing party at Cafe Rio. (I made that up theres not really a closing party) hahah
It was like going to disneyland for Daegen. He loves playing with all his cousins. It was so sad to leave them.
Daegen and Grandpa Miller

Randoms of Daegen this month. Just being the funny kid that he is.
Were at Lowes and Daegen puts two pencils in his hat and starts laughing and getting lots of attention.
He loves his sunglasses and he loved his dads head lamp. Were does he come up with this stuff>???
You can't really see but he got in trouble for coloring on furniture. This is his I got busted face. I made him help me wipe it off.
This night he was pretending he was a choo choo train. He put his legs under the cart and used his arms to move around and then you would hear a choo choo once in awhile.
This was a valentines present a potty book. Which by the way he is not interested any more. They whole going to the potty thing. He still likes his books.
him and his friend were really excited about the cage.
Going to the dentist. No cavities!!!

Daegen and Homie the best of friends.

He put his under wear on??? I have them out so can look at them and get excited.

he put this bag over his head and went wild.
Notice the steam in the bag, he was going crazy.