fab four

fab four

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Sneaky progress

On Monday I had to take daegen to the doctors because he had an ear infection . So Brock came home early from work to watch pierce. When I came home my babies hair was cut. But brock promised me it wasn't his "first" hair cut. It was just so it could grow even. But I did go rescue a few hairs to save. .............
Pierce is now officially sitting up. We have been working on it and he has been getting close this last week. So I would now say he officially sits up. He is growing so fast and is still the most giggly happy baby. He just loves getting kissed and tickled. Next month we should have our crawling down.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

6 months

This adorable 6 month has officially stole my heart. If I just look at him I get a huge grin and giggle. He is getting better at sleeping . He wakes up about once a night. He is very observant and turns his head at every sound he hears. He will stare into your eyes tell he figures you out . He is very strong and will scoot around on his tummy ( just in a circle) . He will grab everything in sight and stick it in his mouth. He loves his big boy food. We are into carrots and winter squash. He disliked the greens , we will try them again soon. We went to the docs and he has grown like a weed.

His weight is 19pounds .5 oz 75%
Height 27" 60%
Head 46cm 95%