fab four

fab four

Saturday, May 31, 2008

High heels VS Crocs??

well, I have re injured my left foot. I injured my foot back in high school playing volleyball. I cracked the ball of my left foot(I don't know how to describe where it is). The short version of the story is I played volleyball all year around for 6 years. the position that I played was an outside hitter. The constant pounding on the ball of my left foot(the foot I would land on first) cracked into two pieces . The doctor fixed my foot by giving me Cortozone shots ,and other things that weren't pleasant. I had to be off my foot for a couple weeks.

So yesterday I was wearing high heels at work (nothing unusual) ,but I must have tweaked my foot just right because the pain has gotten worse ever since. I got home from work and I thought it was just a cramp didn't really think about it. Went to my friends house didn't let it bother me. But I woke up this morning and I have been crippled, my foot is swollen and I can barely walk. Its a Saturday and I can't call a doctor and I don't think I'm that desperate yet.

Any ways , my big delimma is what shoe should I wear to church. My most comfortable shoe is the world ugliest shoe"Crocs" . Yes, I really am considering wearing my Crocs with a dress to church tomorrow. What a fashion statement I will be. Every one will think I've gone mad, or my new calling is to stressful for me. So I guess I will start icing my foot, and maybe practice walking in my high heels so I don't have to wear the Crocs. It's sad but true that my biggest delimma right now in my life is high heels vs Crocs.

This one's about Amy

Our MBA student

Brock is trying to be a student right now. He is also working full time and is the Young Mens Presidnet for our church. He has alot on his plate. So for our fun filled summer weekends, we will be in the books. Maybe next summer we can have are living is easy attitude . Oh how I will miss those days spent by the water.

So this is how we study at the Miller's ,out side sun bathing. Actually right now brock is fast asleep on his books. He works so hard and i'm proud of him.

Leaking faucet?

Well the other day I just mentioned to Brock that maybe the kitchen sink is leaking. After I said that I found myself at Lowes. As we walked down the ailse of Lowes ,pluming supplies kept piling in our cart. I then was asked "Don't you think that we should get a new sink while were here. My new found cheap skate attitude set in and I said, "no we can't afford it." After about a couple more times of going down the faucet and kitchen sink ailse my sweet husband asked me for the fourth of fifth time , "Don't you think that we should get a new kitchen sink." The thing is Brock knows how to work the system with me. He can get any thing out of me. examples being a new jeep Wrangler (which was a bad purchase we got rid of the thing a year later), brand new snowboarding gear,and pretty much any tool that he think he needs. But the thing is he is just so sweet about it. Truley underneath my new found cheap skate side I really want it to. So we get home and Brock puts in our new sink and faucet. It looks great , after it was all in I really knew why Brock wanted a new sink. He knows how much I live in my kitchen and he wanted to make it extra special for me. He really truly means well. But, I really need to start living my penny pinching ways.

Friday, May 30, 2008

My very first blog

Hey I'm now officially a blogger