fab four

fab four

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

a good day

well today started out going to the doctors. The lil man is getting bigger and at a rappid rate. It makes me sad. He has met his first milestone he lost his umbilical cord which was really upsetting to me, he is just growing to fast. 
(notice his new bellybutton)

Today I had one of those ah ha moments. No I didn't invent anything , but Daegen and I were able to take a work trip down to Salt lake with Brock.  we were able to be together as a family in the middle of the day.  As I was setting in the car I thought this is the life being together as a family I love it.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Christmas Cards

I've started to send out christmas cards and some of you have moved in the last year. So Just email me with your address. That would be very helpful. Have a Merry Christmas.

Friday, December 12, 2008

happy big 30 birthday big boy

                                                                happy birthday mattie
                            This is one of my fav memories of you. your way to nice.

Night of lights

                                                                      Daddys boy


We went to temple square to see the lights the last night that she was here. We had a lot of fun. Its a new thing for us being parents and we had no idea just to go look at lights it took us 30 min to get out of the car. We had to feed him then change a really poopie diaper and then make sure he was warm enough to walk out side. He really is a good baby. 

what daegen does during the day

                                             He sleeps in his bassinet (thanks rebecca its awsome)
                                          He travels in his car seat ( we went to the DRs)

He swings in his swing (thanks derald)

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

bath time

I couldent get these pics in order but here are his bathtime pics (modest pics)

Daegen gives his fish face after every bath so cute
he loves getting his hair washed no cries.
getting his hair washed with the scruber that he loves

Monday, December 8, 2008

Our little boy

Name: Daegen Ronald Miller

DOB: December 2 , 2008

weight: 6 pound and 1 OZ

length: 19 inches

We are so happy to announce our new addition Daegen. We were told that we were chosen by the birth mother on nov.7 and her due date was Dec. 22. So we thought that we had a little more time than we did. We are so excited and thrilled to have him in our home. Thank you to everyone for there love and support we really appreciate it.

We absolutely love his birth mom more than she will ever know and also her family. They are the most caring and loving people.

We have alot of pictures of him and he has already been through alot in his few days of life. he is now 6 days old. Today was a big day for him he had his manhood trimmed and it looks painful. oouch!!

                                                            Holding him minutes oldHad ttn (Fluid in his lungs) and was breathing really fast had to be in the NICU

His first 36 hours of life was eating through an I V and so he had a hard time eating so he had a feeding tube to help him eat.
Then he had Jaundice and so he had these cool sunglasses and had to be in the "tanning beds" for 36 hours or more. and you can see the feeding tube there and yes he pulled that thing out 2 times he hated it.

This was in the NICU and Brock loved taking these pics thought this was funny of Brock.

Finally home and happy

Daegen and his first girlfriend Jane, born December 5, 2008 (He is so embaressed of his mom taking a pic of them)

Monday, December 1, 2008

I'm still alive

Sad news my computer has been broken for about a week or so and there for I've not been able to blog. I'm using Brock's computer right now I was able to distracte him long enough to let you guys know I'm alive. Also I'm hoping to be able to blog about something really exciting soon. So be ready.