fab four

fab four

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Daegen has become a food lover. He loves all food!!! But he especially loves Watermelon he would eat it all day if we let him.

don't take it away from me.
Taken a break , but don't take my watermelon away!!!
mmmm good


On memorial day we met up with my sister and her boyfriend Ben. We ate at the Blue Plate in SLC they have great omelets. Then we headed to the Zoo. It was daegys first time at the zoo. I'm not sure he totally appreciated it but I know that he loved that his dad carried him the whole time.

Here we are on the carousel we rode on a baby bear.

Sleeping like a monkey.
Megan and Ben
Daegey and daddy.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mothers day

This has been a long and awaited event for me. Brock spent all day Saturday getting this day ready and perfect for me. He built me a porch swing, got flowers, and a pair of really nice earrings. Brock felt bad today because he was so sick and couldn't get out of bed to go to church. But that's OK because I got to hold a play with Daegen all through church. 

Here  is a pic of the porch swing I didn't get any pics on mothers day because Brock was sick it was a really uneventful day.

if you want to read this long and boring post its mostly for Daegen and my posterity and those that care about my journey of becoming a mom. And some pics of me being a mom. then your welcome to scroll down>>>>>



When I used to think of mothers day I used to think of little kids giving there moms noodle necklaces and clay pots with flowers and maybe a hand print or two on bright colored paper. But not any more. When I think of mothers day I think of sweet spirits gracing our presents from above and gods gift to us of raising such choice spirits. 
Last year on Mothers Day we had the opportunity of doing IVF in Reno,NV. I thought It couldn't get any better than this I have 28 little embryo's waiting to grow and develop, and I felt bad that there were  so many and that I could only choose just 2 or 3 to be put in their new little "womb home" that I have spent years making a healthy environment for.
  Mothers day I was so happy to be away from  my normal environment and I was so happy I didn't have to dodge the potted flower that the youth hand out at church. Later on that day, Brock and I drove to Lake Tahoe and had a picnic and we felt the little embryo spirits with us the whole day. We were so excited for what was hopefully in store for us. 
But as the story goes it did not work the way we had planned it.  BUT,We were also in the process of adoption as we went through that second procedure of IVF.  We actually got our approval letter in the mail on my birthday (July 24) that we were approved through the state to adopt. And a couple weeks into August we finally got online so birth mothers could find us. On the first of November which was a Saturday, Brock and I were driving home from SLC and he said I don't think adoption works. But in those couple months we were waiting we had a couple birth moms contacts us, but they were going to place with in their family or keep their baby. So that Monday I went on line to the adoption web site to look at all the new couples that are waiting and to see the ones that were gone. We were one of the ones that were gone. I didn't think anything of it and I was mad because I thought the agency lost all our stuff it was deleted. So I called up the agency and it took them all day to call me back and they said we had a firm hold on our name. I wasn't familiar with the adoption talk to I thought oh no they found out I got taken to the police station in Italy!!! But that was not the case. The case worker said there is a girl at the Sandy,UT agency that is due in 2008 and is very interested in your family. But she said don't get your hopes up because she just came in a week ago and her case worker isn't sure. So the next day came and we found out she was having a boy  I already new that (When they case worker said that we were chosen I just felt it was a boy) and she had a dream that she would like to share with us. So we met on the 7th of November. We were so nervous its just an awkward thing meeting a birth mother because its not one of those things that is really talked about and I heard that most of them are all different anyways.  
I thought when we met her I would just start crying I was so filled with joy, but it wasn't like that. She was so cute I couldn't even tell she was pregnant she was so tiny. we were wearing the same shoes and she was very comfortable to talk too, Brock even said we had the same mannerisms.
  In that meeting she told us her dream and how her Dad (whom has passed away) came to her in a dream and kept talking about this couple named Brock and Amy, and how she needed to remember those names. I believe this was before she thought about adoption and then after the second or third time having this dream she went online to see if there was a couple really named Brock and Amy and there we were. 
Daegen was born December 2 and he was the sweetest little baby boy you could ever imagine. He was defiantly straight from heaven. Brock took on the role of a Father Flawlessly.  I felt love all around. I fell in love with that little boy right away. I felt love for meg and her family and only wished the best for them I felt I had become a sister to them. I loved the nurses that were extremely nice to meg. The nurses that were so genuinely happy for us and opened there life stories with us. 
There are a lot more details of this story that are dear to my heart but, I'm only telling you my journey from the  past year of becoming a mother because through that one year there was a lot of growing up and it built me up to be the mother I need to be to my children.
Through this quest of becoming a mother I'm so glad I was able to share it with Daegens beautiful, strong, independent, selfless, kind hearted, and Christ like birth mother. We are better people because we have met her. 
So this mothers day I got to hold my baby and look at him smile at me over and over again all day long. and I know that those smiles were sent down from heaven above. And Yes, I will love it one day when I do get a macaroni necklace from Daegen. But all I need is to look at Daegen and I remember the little  miracle that he is. I like to think he was probably one of those little spirits that we felt floating around us last mothers day, but my mortal imperfect body couldn't give him a body. So he was sent down through a selfless birth mother. 

We love you Megan

Saturday, May 9, 2009

siblings for a day

Daegen and I got to hang out with his cousins for a day. There mom was busy moving to there new house. He had a lot of fun playing and sharing his toys. 

Noelle loved swinging Daegen.

Cathrine is a wild child and we nick named her Wild Cat because you can't tame her.
Little marky what can I say. Only a boy would think to make a fort for a 5 month old.
They loved playing with Brock's white board.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

5 months

This past month has been filled with a lot of laughter. Daegen has started to laugh on a regular bases. He has also learned to give people courtesy laughs its pretty funny. He smiles constantly and when he wakes up and I go into get him I get a huge smile. His hands are exploring everything. There constantly in his mouth and trying to grab toys, my earring and hair. But my favorite new thing is as long as he has a hold of my finger he is fine. He almost rather hold on to my finger to be soothed than his NUK. He is the love of our lives. We love you Daegy.
He is so serious when he plays with his toys.

He loves this thing.