fab four

fab four

Monday, July 27, 2009

Birthday hike.

So for my 28th birthday we started off the day by going to my favorite place for breakfast, a little place called Starbucks. We sipped our yummy ventia ( we splurged) hot coco with a slice of there classic original coffee cake.
Then Brock told me I wasn't well behaved enough for him to take me to the DI ( its a second hand store like The Good Will). I could have picked out anything I wanted. But maybe next year. (that was a joke plus my birthday lands on a Utah Holiday and it was closed anyways). So after we went to Sams club to pick up formula for baby Daegy, I got a call from Hollywood video saying I could come and get a free rental on my birthday. So we went straight there. After I pick out Nick and Nora's play list, I get to the front and they said that I had $10 worth of late fees. So I paid them got in the car and Brock and I laughed thinking that they probably only call people on there birthdays if they have an outstanding balance. HAHA Nothing is for free for us how could we be so stupid!!! hahah
Then we got home and decided to go for a hike. So we did and it was an adventure. we packed 4 water bottles a bag of fish crackers and 2 granola bars and a half drunken bottle for Daegen. we only thought we were going to take a short little hike maybe be back in 2 hours. But..... not with the Miller-Millers we like to do spontaneous things with out thinking. So we decided to take the hiking trail all the way to the top of the Wellsville mountains. 6 hours later we were back home Hungry and exhausted. It was a great birthday. All I wanted for my birthday was to just hang out with my cute little family of 3 and my 2 dogs.
Even though it was not my usual day at the spa birthday. I would have not changed it. It was a humbling experience , that made me realize what the important things are in life. I was able to struggle up this mountain with my family. Both Brock and I were both comparing that hike to our life in Wellsville it has been tough and trying and draining at times but when you got to the top it was symbolic to overcoming all those things and learning what was the most important. It was doing it together and the memories that we had and that when one was thinking they wanted to turn around or stop the other one was there to push them along the trail. Isn't that what life and marriage is about. Thank you Brock for a wonderful memorable birthday. It has been my favorite birthday so far . Well I guess it doesn't pass the birthday in Paris but a close second.

this was the start of the hike I thought the trees were awesome.

the dog walking through the trees.
lil family at the beginning of the hike.
This one was mainly taken for evidence. if the dogs got sick we could show the vet what they were drinking. hahah
daegen and dad.
Taking his nap. It was funny that he took all his naps during the hike. They were right when he usually takes them too.
still napping.
hiking in the wild flowers.
hiking to the top.
we did it!! That is the truest smile you will ever see on my face.
me and my children( human and beast).
my sweet little boy!!
yeah we did it as a family!!!
brock holding daegen as a trophy
brock with his children.
putting my mark on the mountain.
happy 28th birthday to me.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bear lake

Unfortunately these pictures are out of order. But we had a great time at bear lake. Thanks to generous friends who are always inviting us on there vacations. "Or as the new lingo goes a STAY-CATION". We had fun on their boat wake surfing or as for me trying the Saleem skiing (SP)? Daegen of course was the perfect child sleeping and playing he got his first handful of sand in his mouth. We went on a night boat ride and a wave got a little to high and water poured in to the boat, we got soaking wet all we heard from Daegen was a little whimper and he was done.The other little kids on the boat were crying tell we got back on land. How did we get such a perfect one.

brock wake surfing.
daegy taking a nap with dad on the boat.
daegen doing the lazy river ride.
trying out his new floaty toy.
first handful of sand in the mouth. yum!!
brock taking a nap.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Funny things Daegen has done!

Well this one is kinda my fault. I only let Daegen play in the bath after I have washed him and while the water is draining. He is so entertained that I keep him in the tub slipping around for an extra 15 min he would stay in there longer if I let him.
He knows how to get treats. His dad has introduced him to all the sweets he has ever eaten in his life. I could get mad but its pretty cute to see his reactions and plus its bonding time with his dad.
look at him look at his daddy.
So everyday Daegen and I do signing time. I'm teaching him sign language. But today was pretty humoures. I was singing the song and making the signs and then Daegen started to crawl (he's just a baby I don't expect him to sit still, but maybe once in awhile look at me and smile). But he crawled over to his toy and crawled into it. He was done. I laughed and went on my way with doing the dishes.
I have caught him sleeping with his bum in the air twice this week. To cute.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Juilliard here we come

Daegen loves music. Were not pushing the guitar on him , but thats the only instrament in our house. He also loves singing, if you know me thats not one of my talents but Daegen loves it!! so I sing and Brock plays the guitar.

Look how serious he is with how to hold the guitar!
look at that form.
he is starting to strum.

Monday, July 6, 2009

home beach and the 4th of july

Happy fourth to everyone. I hope that you had a great weekend. We were glad to be at The Home beach this year except for the last day keep reading and find out!

Brock tried an oyster shooter! It looked disgusting!! but he did it, notice the open mouth showing no tricks I really did it!
Daegen had a mishap with his bottle he got a little crazy with it.We all thought it was funny!
of course Brock once again was T.C. to ride the carousel. So of course mommy takes Daegy gladly!
first time touching the cold pacific ocean. Just a chilling 50 degrees.

A family bike ride on the prom! As we were riding by this lady said to her husband " that looks dangerous" (because Daegen was in the front pack). Brock thought that was funny he thinks that Oregon people are to Paranoid including me. I guess he is rubbing off on me because it ran through my mind that it was dangerous, but then I thought fun, family bike ride!!!!
Uncle Maddie and Daegy buns. Caught red handed in the Maple Bars!
Cute Couple!
Making Jam, with Oregon strawberries! You haven't had strawberry freezer jam, if you have never tried Oregon strawberries.
Note: the fire. yes that is a fire and jam all over the stove the pot was a little to small, But when at home beach you just use what you can!
skim boarding any one?
just sun bathing in a sweatshirt.
Funny thing Daegen does naturally: when Brock puts Daegen on his shoulders he holds on to his hair like little handles.
So sleepy!!

fourth of July BBQ!! sporting the red, white and blue
Fire works!! everyone lights up there own so its a huge smokey mess. Seasides fireworks where smoked out but still cool. Daegen sleeped the entire time!
Morning of the 5th:

that morning we were just greeted by the local police officer telling us our tires were slashed.
notice 2 on Erin's car.
2 on my dads and 2 on my moms and 2 on our truck and my brothers. We don't have pics of our tires because they were full of air that morning and then that afternoon both our truck and my brothers were flat. It put a damper on things that day we were stuck in side the house everyone was in a bad mood trying to find tires on a Sunday. In that small beach town that morning there were a total of 150 tires slashed.
Other than that we had a great trip we missed the Curtis's . Hopefully next year we can have all of us together!!!