fab four

fab four

Thursday, February 25, 2010

super market sweep

(August 09, G.G. , Beck and Daegen)

Do you remember the show supermarket sweep? Well if you don't you should look it up, and if you do remember then I took that show to the next level today!!!
I took my 85 year old grandma and Daegen to the grocery store today. We were just doing her shopping because I knew between the two it wasn't worth the risk of heart failure. I'm glad I'm so smart because I was totally right. Picture me with a huge Car cart trying to turn the dumb thing ,with a 15 month old pulling on my hair to pull himself up to stand in the cart, Then me telling my grandmother that "Yes, we already got the bananas and No , I don't really need anything but thanks grandma, and no Daegen doesn't need any candy.
Then were on the hunt for T.P. and Daegen decides that he likes to look at everything up side down so he is hanging upside down off the cart. so were off to the check out and I tell me grandma that I"ll wait in line so she can go fill her prescription. So I chose a register right in front of the pharmacy. The cashier was taking her sweet time and my grandma was done filling her prescription and she for gets were I"m at. I'm starring at her she looks like shes lost. As Its my turn in line I tell the lady can we hurry things up my grandma is out the door and I'm afraid she will get lost she some times forgets were shes at. So finally my grandma walks back in and I"m jumping up and down and waving my arms to get her attention while Daegen is doing flips in my arms and the cashier is scanning her grocery's. Finally my grandma See's me and I think she was totally embarrassed and acted like her recent memory loss didn't happen. Then I take out the money she gave me to pay for the groceries and my grandma says put your money away. Once again she forgot that she gave me money to purchase her groceries for her. I explained to her that this was her money I was purchasing the grocery's with.
We were finally done with the store and as we drove home we reminisced about the good old days. I was able to tell her what an amazing grandmother she is and was, and How most of my child hood memories were with her and Poppy. I mean what child gets Santa Clause and the Easter Bunny stopping by there own house and then there grandparents house too. She always went the extra mile on everything.
When I wrote this, I merely want to remember that I was lucky enough to be able to be with both my grandmother and my son, and the experiences you get from putting both them together. Not a lot of people can say that they get that chance too, every week see 4 generation together. We are very lucky.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Valentines weekend

The Saturday before Valentines day we decided to take a Miller adventure and we went down town Portland and had breakfast and then we went up on the gondola to OHSU to see the view of Portland. It was a little cloudy so we couldn't see MT. Hood or any of the mountains. But we still had fun and Daegen loved it.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What has Daegen been up to ?

What has Daegen been up to you ask? Well.................................................
he............................................ Walks/runs, plays the Piano, whistles, dreams and breaths cars and trucks, Wakes up saying cars, trucks, licks the dogs and vis versa, loves loves reading books about cars and trucks and trackers, gives kisses, presses buttons he shouldn't, talks on his cell phone and texts, and opens doors, and climbs the stairs, He plays with dad and loves hugging my leg, and he loves when aunti em comes home and plays with him, He loves drinking green juice, and he covers his mouth when he coughs. (its mostly a fake cough but it makes me laugh every time). So thats what daegy buns as been up to lately he keeps us busy.

Monday, February 8, 2010

Wine and Roses

This weekend we went to what is called Wine and Roses. Its a PSU Athletic Department Fund raiser. Its a Wine tasting and Auctions{ Both a silent and Fast Auction} and a dinner. It was held at the Nike Campus in the Tiger woods Building. I thought that was very appropriate right? a wine and roses dinner in the tiger woods building. HA ha anyways I thought It was pretty funny.
I got in trouble by brock that night, because Right when I got there I followed my mom and started putting stickers on all these auction items. I thought that we would get bid out. So I was busted. We had about 5 min tell the auction ended and we had about $600 on the table. whoops. but everything worked out and we ended with some great items and didn't have to spend $600. Thanks Dad and Mom for a great night.

Tiger wood building
So True , So true
We were Brick and Amy for the night
here we are.
Dad in action. Bidding on the big stuff.
here we are.
Matt and Erin kept us Company for the night.