fab four

fab four

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

just for the record

Just for the record........

(celebrating brocks MBA and Emilys high school graduation at Mortons steak house)
This guy graduated from his MBA. Were so excited beyond words to have him home every night!!

and this guy......

is 18 months and weighs 24lbs( 40 percentile), height 31 3/4 Inches (50 percentile)

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Happy 30th

Happy 30th birthday Brock. I can't believe I met you when you just turned 22 and now your celebrating your 30th WOW. Were getting up there in age.
I asked Brock last night how it felt to be 30 and his reply was" It feels good, I'm running a company, were buying a beautiful house, I have a son, I have a wife whom loves me and I love her, were healthy,We have testimonies of the gospel. life couldn't be better." I love you Brock, we are truly blessed.
Brock taking his birthday phone calls. And Daegen taking advantage of uncle Matt time.

Brock blowing out his candles. Daegen loving every minute of it. Snitching frosting.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy fathers day!!!

Happy fathers day to the man whom our little boy idolizes. Daegen and the rest of our children (when ever they decide to come grace us with their presence) are the luckiest kids in the world. This is the first time Brock can come home from work and not be side tracked with school and just be a Dad. We are both excited, Daegen and I ,that we get his full attention. I can tell the difference already. Our little boy is so attached to his Dad and it gets a little more dramatic when the good byes come, but he boils over with true enthusiasm at my simplest statement, "daddy's home". We love you and we hope you have a wonderful day.

Here are some pic's of Brock being a dad. Note: I noticed that daegen is not smiling in any of them. He really is a happy child.

Brock teaching Daegen how to chop wood!
swimming with dad.
Brock's Daegen's personal hair consultant.
cute boys
trapping Daegen in the sand.

playing guitar hero.

Brock is always happy even when the people around him aren't

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Of legal age

Daegen was legally of nursery age today. He didn't go in very well and only lasted an hour. Theres always next week. Right? Maybe he will learn to take a nap before church:)

Friday, June 4, 2010

rainy days

We have had a lot of rainy days around here. I think its been 2 weeks of straight rain. I feel bad for Daegen because he loves going out side and playing. But on rainy days he is stuck inside. The up side of rain it puts things in perspective. After awhile of fighting to have a normal productive life , I just drop everything I'm supposed to be doing and just hang out with my little man and have conversations that don't make since, laugh, dance, play cars and have him roll the wheels in my hair and get them stuck, or if I'm lucky I can have him take one of his big trucks and have him roll it on my back (its almost like getting a massage) ,and we make cookies and read books. Its nice to have days that make you slow down and play with your little ones they deserve it.
At least when you play with them you can teach them not pick there noses.

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

18 months

Daegen thanks for being my little buddy. We are attached at the hip and I like it that way. Thanks for dancing with me today on your 18 month un birthday, to our song. I especially liked the hot chocolate waterfall that you had coming out of your mouth today while we were driving home. Thanks for drinking my spinach and flax seed smoothies, not even your aunts and grandma will drink them. I love how you love reading books, even though a dread taking you to the library to pick them out because you use the library as your running track. You are the one that makes me laugh through the day and then your dad comes home and you guys make a pretty good duo , if I say so myself. I love that you wont call me mommy that you insist on calling my baby daddy. I never thought bring you home from the hospital at 5 lbs 13 oz you would turn into an active 18 month old that I 'm totally in love with and I actually love chasing after you and playing cars with you. Thank you Daegen for the best 18 months of my life, lets keep the next 18 years the same.

we were rocking out this morning for his unbirthday .

didn't last long
we had our 30 min teeth brushing ritual this morning.

We had our hot chocolate before nap to celebrate the 18 months.

Here is a list of all the things Daegen does at the ripe old age of 18 months.......

-our song is your love is my drug by none other than Ke$ha.
-His signature dance move is the fist pumps.
-He now calls me baby daddy not mom. He hasn't used the word mom since he was about 10 months.
-He loves giving kisses.
-He isn't afraid of the cold pacific any more
-when he plays in the sand he always ends up with a Hitler mustache. The sand takes to the snot stache really well.
-If he wants something he knows how to butter you up to get it.
-He loves his smoothies in the morning.
-He gets so excited about going into his dads truck. It has been in the shop for the last 2 weeks, So when got it back we put him in his seat and he got a huge smile and giggled with glee.
-He knows his sounds of the Alphabet( with help of course)
-He jumps on the furniture and yells "jump" jump" were getting him a trampoline when we move.
-He climbs on everything
-He still loves playing in the dog food
-He loves water and really likes it when he dumps it all over his head
-He will eat most anything and loves his veggies.
-He is a dipper (he dips his food in any sauce thats around)
-He "can" still be a good sleeper. (goes to bed at 6:30 p.m. and wakes up at 9:30am)
-He loves books and will demand me to open them and read.
-He is still passionate about his motor vehicles thats including motorcycles and four wheelers and even lawn mowers and some times is still confused on what the vacuum is.
-He still doesn't really like ice cream or hot chocolate. Its all about the temperature thing, he will eat it if its room temperature
-He loves corn either on the cob or off.
- He waves to everyone especially cars and really pretty girls.
- He loves his medicine and will gladly take it with out any resistance.
- He will spit in all garbage cans. and flush all toilets.
-He loves sunflower seeds
- He still will do anything and everything his dad does. Its a good thing he has a good example. (well at least sometimes.)
-Will open the front door and start walking down the drive way if were not careful.
-he signs "all done" either when he wants out of his high chair or if he is somewhere and wants to leave.
-When ever he hears a cell phone or beeping sound he gets a really excited shocking face. You have to see it , its hilarious.
-He will try to climb into his crib when he is tired.
- He loves dancing to anything that sounds like music
-when you walk in the room he says hi to you.
- He thinks its funny when we change his diaper.
-He takes tooth brushing very seriously. I have even sent him to bed with his toothbrush because I couldn't pri his fingers from it.
-He has perfected his car dance.
-When we sing "bringing home a baby bumble bee" he goes right to the licking part and licks his hands over and over again laughing at him self.
- when he get a balloon it makes his day.
-At the Doctors he woo's the nurses and walks them right to the cookie jar and lets them know he has been good enough boy for the cookie jar.( yes he goes to the doc's that often to know, his poor ears are the cause )