fab four

fab four

Saturday, January 22, 2011


As I'm filling out my dreaded, and time consuming amount of paper work for our adoption profile. I have a hard time not thinking about what has brought us here, and how it all happened last time. I have a hard time not feeling closer to my savior. I have oodles of gratitude and thanks towards him. I feel honored that the lord choose this burden for us to bear. There are lots of burdens out there and yes this particular burned of infertility was devastating at first. Now I feel so blessed. Blessed because I have an out look on life that not a lot of people get to have. I get to raise my children with a beautiful example of selflessness (their birthmothers). I get to feel the love of our savior when finally a baby is literally place in our arms by an angel. Also my Daegen is the cutest kid out there (I'm sure the rest will be also). I'm so grateful for my very blessed life I feel so fortunate to have the experiences that we (Brock and I) get to share. I'm so excited to have another baby in our home soon.

p.s. our profile probably wont be up till June or around that time. So don't get to excited the process takes along time.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

minute to win it.

Derald , Brocks brother is going to be on minute to win it tonight. We are really excited to watch it, I think he taped it back in July its been a long wait. Also My Mother in law will be on there too. Good luck Derald.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

feeling like a zoo keeper

Winston's mess
Daegens throne

All day long my life consists of pee and poop. Today I take the dog out to go number 1 and 2 I get excited I praise him give him a treat. Then I come inside and Daegen wants to go pee pee on the toilet. When were finished and life goes on I forget to take the dog back out and he pees in the house I have to clean it up!! I throw the dog out of the house, while I'm cleaning it Daegen than wants to try to go pee pee again so I take off his diaper take him to the bathroom he pees yeah!!! I hear the dog barking scratching at the window so I go clean the mess. As I'm cleaning up the dogs mess I here Daegen not in the bath room but in his closet peeing in the corner, clapping and congratulating himself for peeing !!!! So I rush him to the toilet and tell him we only pee in the toilet. Then I clean up his mess. So for the rest of the afternoon I'm thinking do I really want to start potty training Daegen???!!!??? I'm potty training the dog right now. I go back and forth with the idea. I guess the dog inspired him? who knows. It as funny today I asked Daegen if he needed to go potty before his nap and he said yes and ran and got his coat to go potty out side. Yeah I know!!! Funny, he must be confused I forgot to say on the toilet I guess. I'm still debating on starting but I don't want to miss my opportunity. I may go get him some cool underwear and see if that gets him excited. He does get attached to things that he likes, like his frog boots. He loves those things. So only if I could find underwear like that !!!! we shall see. wish me luck.

look who finally got new sunglasses. I got 2 pairs for him just in case;) Thank you Children's Place for having sunglasses early in the season. My troll has tantrums in the car when the sun is out.

Monday, January 10, 2011

fist bumps and tooting

(This pic was taken when Brock went night Snowbording and it was just me and Daegen and I was done being mom so Daegen and I were just buddies that night and had fries and milk shakes for dinner.)

Daegen in the last 2 weeks has been soaking things up like a sponge. He has been learning new words and having conversations with me. I wouldn't say they were very intellectual conversations but still he was trying to communicate his feelings . They go a little something like this. Mama, hauka tauka papa gmama, meme , mott ,bucky ,dada pee pee poo poo bumm stinky. WOW I know, what are we teaching him? Well, we are potty training a dog, and Daegen is fairly aware of how to go pee in the toilet or on cue while I'm changing his diaper. Another thing in that department he thinks farting is soo funny. I was watching another little boy one morning and they were sitting at the table and the little boy tooted and Daegen started to laugh, then he started trying successfully to toot also. They are only 2 years old and that stuff is already funny to them.
Today we went to the libraries story time and he was giving everyone fist bumps. Also we went to the store and he was saying hi and good by to random people at the store. He is so funny and I love this stage. Yes, I am worn out at the end of the day, but its worth it. He has me going on bike rides , taking adventure walks, and playing out in the rain for hours at a time. We are each others buddies now and I love it.
You should here him pray, oh my gosh it is so sweet. He loves praying for members of his family. When we sit down to eat he has been know to be the one with his arms folded first.

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Meeting Santa

We finally were able to take the boys to see Santa on the Tuesday before Christmas and the line wasn't that bad. The boys were so exited when we got to Santa's work shop.
There were lights and trees and presents. They loved it.

Here they are so excited. Loving every minute of the North Pole village.

Then it came our turn to see Santa...Um not so much. Beck was wondering what was wrong with Daegen. He is thinking dude this guy gives out free presents!!! quite your crying. Your going to ruin it for me.
After Beck and Daegen got there pic taken together.... Being the persistent Mother that I am I insisted he had to stay on Santa's lap so he can have a solo Pic.
Ok I'm done. doesn't any one here me!!!
still not liking Santa and is over this whole thing.
Then the Trains with PAPA made it better.
He was king of the trains