fab four

fab four

Monday, August 29, 2011

Happy 1 month

Happy one month my little man. I can't believe its been one month. You are such a sweet little boy. Filled with a sweetened goodness. You have changed our lives and especially your big brothers life. He is so sweet to you and loves you unconditionally. It brings us to tears watching you guys interact with one  another. I know that you guys were friends in heaven and are so excited to be reunited. I love you baby pierce thank you for a sweet beginning of a long journey.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

I'm in love I'm in love.....

And I don't care who knows it.....

I'm in love with my sweet baby boy Pierce. This little angel boy is so precious. He has brought the sweetest spirit into our home. His older brother is smitten by him. I have never seen Daegen be so gentle and attentive with anyone or anything. When Daegen first meet his baby Pierce......He knew exactly what a baby needed. He wanted to hold him and kiss him, he even tried to give baby Pierce a sip of my cranberry juice, when he cried Daegen would gently whisper hush. Then he would direct who got to have a turn to hold his baby brother.

I love having 2 sons.... I feel like I should be a member of a cool club called "The Moms of only Boys Club".  I feel honored to be able to get to raise future Priesthood holders. I hope that I can full fill my part as there Mother.

Monday, August 1, 2011

Baby Pierce

Yes thats right this 3 month long neglect on our blog was all about a new family member. ..Baby Pierce. Back in May we were rushing to get our adoption paper work finished so our profile could be published.  So we got approved earlier than we thought , it was the last week of may and we weren't supposed to be up tell the end of June. So we got everything approved on a friday and that next monday we were told a birth mother wanted to meet us!!!! Wow were we surprised. our profile was only up for a day. So 2 weeks later we met the birthmother and birthFather. Things went great and a couple weeks later she officially choose us. She has been an incredibe birthmother to work with. She invited both Brock and I in the delivery room and we got to witness baby pierces birth. What an amazing experience. There is way more to the story and I will have to write about it in more details soon

Here is...... Pierce LaMont Sky Miller .....6.6 pounds 19 inches.

Daegen is the best big brother ever.  He is so gentle, loves giving him kisses and is Pierces personal manager, he likes to direct where and what the baby is supposed to be doing according to a 2 year old. Were in love and so happy.

Better pics and posts to come. look on past dates to get the scoop on our life for the past 3 months.

Living life in the fast lane.

WOW!!!! Its been 3 months, yes I'm guilty of blog neglect. But with all that has been going on I just couldn't justify sitting and blogging about life. I have a lot to catch up on and some exciting news with lots of pics. Also a 3 month update on how Daegen has turned into a talking machine and also the busiest kid I know.

p.s. It has been way to long.... blogger has changed its site. This is weird!!!