fab four

fab four

Friday, October 28, 2011

A little Halloween carving time

We definitely had a good time Dagan love carving "Punkins"

When we asked Daegen what he wanted his pumpkins face to look like he made that face. We were laughing so hard. He was being dead serious. 
He loved everything about this night. GG gave him a book about the pumpkin patch and he new exactly how that night went down. So we got home from the pumpkin patch around 7 and he insisted that we stay up and carve his pumpkin. So we did. The next morning he asked me to go to the pumpkin patch. 

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

harvest festival

While brock was gone Last week for 8 long days, my Side kick Allison and I took our kids to the Harvest festival in Hood River. Her husband was also on that long 8 day trip with my husband. The Kids loved the small town festival. Daegen couldn't get enough of the chickens and rabbits. We enjoyed the carnival food and some freshly pressed apple cider. 

 Pierce was a trooper . No cries the whole night.
 Loved the chickens and bunnies . I wonder what he will be getting for Easter.

 Daegen decided that he wanted to be potty trained and insisted to go in the port a potties while we were at the festivals. If any of you know me , know that I rather just go on the outside of one of those plastic bathrooms then actually go in them. So we got in there and he took a look at the toilet and said EW YUCK and then politely declined and told me it was " moms turn" we got out of there as fast as we could. 

 Big ol' apple 
Look at all these apples of every kind. 

PSU football

My father-in-law always hooks us up with tickets to the Portland State football games. We love it Daegen does especially...but even Pierce has a good time.

This game was extra cool because we got to use "Papa's" field passes to go down and see things up close and personal.



Church Halloween carnival

We had our church Halloween party last week. Let's just say most of my pictures were blurry because my child never stopped running until I caught him sitting on the floor licking a cupcake in a sugar coma. It was fun because we had Brocks parents visiting with us too.

Complete bliss

It's funny what a mom of 2 boys and a dog thinks is true bliss. I got the 2 boys and the dog asleep in my room (the dog was asleep.) But I'm sitting in my chair planning a party while everyone is sound asleep. It's been a rough couple days , I'm potty training daegen and baby boy pierce has a cold , and i have a Halloween party at my house on Saturday. All things considered I think things are going smooth it's just making me exhausted. But I'm glad for my diet pepsi and Swedish fish.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Amy wanted me to take some pictures to show how big Pierce is getting.

He's a cute little kid for sure.

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Pierces first trip to the beach

We took an early weekend and headed to the beach early Thursday night right after pierces doctors appointment.
When we got there we took a nice night walk on the beach. The the next day we went on an adventure to hug point and let everyone run around and explore. Brock asked Daegen if he liked going on adventures, and he said no. So we asked what he liked to do and he said, eat. Hmm I'd have to say I agree he does love to eat. He probably ate more clam chowder then Brock and I both did for dinner.
We made are beach trip short so we could take Daegen to the psu football game on Saturday afternoon. He talks about going to football games frequently so when there home we like to try to go. He loves dancing to the music , cheering and whistling, eating hot dogs, pop corn, and diet coke( orange fanta).
He was sad though because he thought after the game we were going to go back to the beach house and cried when he noticed he was going home.