fab four

fab four

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Love bites

My son loves giving love bites. I hate getting them. This morning I noticed a bunch of red bite marks on my shoulders. I counted a total of 8 all together from both shoulders. He really doesn't bite out of anger ,well sometimes, but its more of he rests his head on my shoulder then takes a big bite out of it. That's why I call them love bites. I hope he gets the memo soon that I prefer kisses over love bits.

Maybe its revenge for always picking his nose. Look at that intense face I have.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

I heart little boys

My little boy has changed my perspective on a lot of things. Daegen is a high energy kid. Every where I go I get a comment about how active he is. They say "he is the most active little boy I've seen", Or "Wow he never stops" , or "Does he ever get tired?". To me Daegens energy is very normal , I don't know any different. But all I know is I'm very tired by 6:30 his bed time.
But when he is in bed I get to think of our day and I get to tell Brock of all the fun things Daegen has learned or done that day. Life will never be looked at the same now that I see it through a little boys perspective.
I look at cars differently every big truck I see I now hear "CAAARRR". Or Playing out side when its kinda cold and maybe sprinkling I see it as an opportunity to go play with rocks and the out side toys. I even (believe it or not) will put my child in unmatched clothes. Either his shirt is dirty or his pants are wet and I'll just throw what I have on him because we all know that there just going to get dirty again anyways and he could careless what he is wearing.
Playing with the kitchen supplies brings another diminution to his toys and why wouldn't you want to bring more life to your boring toys. We also love finding his cars in our cups or pots and pans. He loves hiding his toys in the kitchen cupboards.
He now also will pick up my computer and bring it over to me saying baby, baby so I can show him Babies. He likes the Movie trailer of the "babies" movie coming out. He always smiles and then gives the babies kisses.
The best thing about Daegen is he is always up for a good laugh. He will tease you and laugh and smile. Our new joke is he will pretend he is sleeping and he will say Honk shew, honk shew. and I'll look back at him and say Wake up you sleepy head. and he laughs hysterically. He loves it.
I love Daegen and I'm very grateful for him. Last night he had a hard night , not sure what was going on but he wasn't settling down. So I held him and tickled his tummy (he loves this) then I scratched his back and we talked about our day. I told him he was such a sweet boy and how it was so nice he gave G.G. a big kiss, then he laughed. I told him how much mommy and daddy loved him , he sighed. I went on and on about everything we did that day and somethings he would laugh and then some times he would make a little noise. It was a trying day but the night made up for it.
We love you Daegen. Thank you for bringing a new perspective to our life.

Daegen in the CAAARRR

In a car at the mall
his fav. trucks . He will pill them on the mat like this.
we will randomly find cars in the dishes.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Daegen's his name and cars his game.

I have posted this obsession before but its 10 times worse. He lives and breaths and tastes cars. His whole life is CAR. Today at church I realized how bad it has gotten when in the middle of Sacrament meeting he yells out CAR!!! Beep beep !!! VROOM!!!! when I handed him a car to play with. Every time he sees a car its CAR!!! BEEP BEEP !!! VROOM!!! as loud and as serious as can be. Its pretty dang cute if you ask me. He must get his Passion for things from Brock.

Going Banana's

We have had a lot of Communication tantrums lately. Daegen every Morning and Afternoon and evening will say nana and sign Banana. Every time I will go get a banana and peel it either cut it or hand him little pieces. He will then turn his head and shove the banana on the floor and say banana. This would happen at least four times a day. I was literally going bananas over this banana issue. So I got smart after about a week of dealing with this. I just handed him a banana with the peel on it. He put it in his mouth and realized it did taste right. Then he handed it to me and jabbered something. so I peeled a little bit down. It worked!!! He then kept asking me for more. So I kept peeling it. He will eat Banana's!!!! But remember only with the peel on.

Here he is enjoying his delicious banana with the peel on.

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Happy easter

Happy Easter From the Millers. Enjoy our little bunny:

He is already starting to pose and command.
Working the Camera.
He looks like an old man next to the Caddie.

Thursday, April 1, 2010

meet the new pups and state capital

Brock had some business to take care of in Eugene so we rode down there with him. We didn't drive 2 hours for nothing we were meeting a Chinook dog breeder. Her dog just had some puppies and Brock really wanted to meet them and see what they were all about. (Brock has been researching dogs since our dogs died. He thinks Chinooks are the breed for us to have.) They were pretty cute pups but what pups aren't cute, really. Daegen was in love and would ask to hold the tiny puppies and kiss them and hold them. By the time we were ready to leave his black shirt was covered in Hair. It was gross. I was for sure turned off by the breed. But you never know I guess.
Then as we were driving home we decide to stop at the state Capitol. For those of you that don't remember 4th grade geography, the state capitol in Salem NOT Portland. We got out walked around took some pics, had an in interaction with some squirrels and went home.

fun trip but a little to long of a car ride for the Daegy Monster.