fab four

fab four

Thursday, March 29, 2012

8 months

Piercy.. I can't believe you are 8 months. You are growing into a little boy. You have started to eat big boy food. Your personality is starting to shine. No teeth yet. And you still aren't mobile. But I'll be honest with you I'm kind of glad that your not crawling , cause I do enough chasing between your brother and the dog.
I love that you giggle every time I kiss and squeeze you. that you are my little round one. I love the times its just me and you and we can sing and laugh together. You have stole my heart. I love you baby pierce.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

my favorites for March 2012

I have a few favorite things in my life I'd like to remember.
-Daegen naming his wardrobe.. we have Pirate ship boots, Monster truck hat, cho cho hat, church boots, and ew no vest.
- Pierce getting the loves for Homie. He is starting to love his doggie.
- Our saturday Morning dance parties.. A.K.A. Robot dance party
-The way the boys look at us when Brock and I dance for them or with them.-
- How Daegen sings... His voice is the sweetest thing.
- The way pierce just giggles all the time.
- Daegen calls McDonalds"chicken nugget house"
- Just pierce in general, I love that little boy.... his cheeks are so kissable and he is so yummy.
- Pierces Serious look and then you say his name and it changes to a big smile with a laugh.
- The way Daegen says " I wub you mom".
- How Daegen takes checking "the map" so seriously.

I'm feeling so grateful for my little family. If I didn't have these boys in my life I wouldn't be able to experience the joy that they bring.  With out them I wouldn't be who I am. They make me a better person. Yes, its challenging to be a stay at home mom. Sometimes I for get that I'm also a wife and there is more to me than a mother. But I love being a mother especially Daegen and Pierces mama.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

7 months

Our lil guy is 7 months. Can't believe how quick it goes. His personality keeps shining more and more. He is starting to love seeing his daddy when he gets home from work and his eyes just wondering every where he hears his voice. He is not crawling yet. I can't keep him on his stomach long enough, he always rolls over to his back. He doesn't have any teeth yet which is alright with me. He is starting to really like his baby food but still no peas for him. he loves watching his brother. He is such a chill baby. He loves his bouncy chair and his giraffe teething toy. We love this little boy he is such a sweet boy. I guess that's why I give in with him so much and I'm still getting up several times a night with him. He is just so tender hearted. Pierce we love you so much.