fab four

fab four

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Palm springs

I was able to hang out in palm springs with my family. Brock was not able to come because he is going to school and working full time, we really missed him. 
Daegen and I had fun hanging out with family and laying in the sun and going shopping(I'm bound and determined for daegen to like shopping). 
auntie Em loved daegen and she would put him to sleep even if I didn't want him to go to sleep at that time.
The little man was a hit this night everyone commented on him. "o look at the baby with the hat "
his swimming attire he is very protected from the sun.
So cute . He rarely is on his stomach because he will roll to his back right away. Smart cookie!!
He is saying, " I love being naked, now if only dad were here to join me"
swimming in the pool.
cuddling with granny and auntie Em.
future 5 year old Daegen golfing.
daeges with auntie Em and aunt MEME

While we were in Palm springs we had a nice wind storm and we drove up to an overlook of the valley and it was so windy. I was the only one brave enough to go out there and take pics.

Here I am after the overlook shot!! barley could get into the car it was so windy.

I thought that this was an interesting concept.  Spandex are a privilege not an option, but they become an option when they have jeans sewn on to spandex, Right?

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

I'm the luckiest

I'm the luckiest. I'm lucky because I was able to go on a work trip with Brock and Daegen to SLC. I'm lucky because I was able to make Brock happy with a cup of hot chocolate and an apple. I'm lucky because I was able to go on a walk around my neighborhood with Daegen. I'm lucky because my neighbors invited Daegen and I in their homes and wanted to hold and play with Daegen. I'm lucky because after 5 years of trying to have a baby we have Daegen. I'm lucky because I was able to make a treat for Brock for when he comes home from school with Daegen. I'm lucky because Brock was willing to go get Dog food at 10:30 at night even though he wants to be home with us. 

I'm lucky because I get to look into those beautiful blue eyes everyday.
I'm lucky to have this little man to hang out with everyday. 
(he is also lucky today he had 3 poopy diapers yay!!! thats my boy) 
I'm so lucky to be able to have Daegen with me while I bake !! 

Monday, March 16, 2009

Random photos of our little man

getting ready for a spring walk. wink wink

just chillin.
Homer Simpson hair. notice the three hairs sticking up.
we have the some look on our face.
wouldn't look at the camera.
we got the face shot!! too cute.

I love this boy!!

Thought this was funny

We had one of our friends  (Rich) over on Sunday for some dinner (his wife was out of town). Brock wanted to be out side so bad so they played chess out side. But... notice that he is in bare feet and playing on a patch of cement surrounded by snow. to funny!!!!!

who said white boys can't have a afro

Daegen has been losing his hair. He had the most luscious locks when he was born. They other day I noticed a lot of hair that was lost when he was wearing a hat. So instead of trying to find hair plugs for baby's we used bubbles. here is his new looks.

My three Men

Here they are my three men. Brock, Blitzlii (my first dog son) and Daegen(my first real boy son).   Aren't I the luckiest woman in the world!!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

food blog

Well, those of you that have been bugging me to set up a food blog its finally here!!!!  go to millertimedish.blogspot.com

Monday, March 9, 2009

spring please!!!!

Yesterday I thought I could bring about my Easter egg /spring wreath for my door. We could see the green grass and I was thinking about my garden and got all excited. I even thought maybe Daegs and I could go get some seeds to start our garden. 

this morning we woke up to about 8 inchs of snow and it hasn't stopped yet. So we are now at about 18 inches and its still coming. 

Brock got my car stuck in our drive way. Well we couldn't even get it in the drive way.
                                                                   look at all that snow. 
                                                                      more snow!!!
                                                                cute little baby Daegs.
                                         mommy and daegs, the snow was up to my knees!!!

Saturday, March 7, 2009

home alone

Today Daegs and I are home alone on a saturday. Sad but true daddy had to leave us to do homework at the library. So I had this tiny little wish. I wish I was close to my sisters and mom. I know what we would be doing if we were together. We would be shopping and laughing. Then we would go out to eat and laugh some more. I miss my family especially when its a saturday and my husband left his family to do homework. But I think I know what I'm going to do. I'm going to call daegens aunt MeMe and see if she wants to come up here and play with us.  Also mom maybe we can move sista's weekend up sooner this year. love ya sista's

Monday, March 2, 2009

3 months

My Daegy baby turns 3 months old today. My lovebug, my sweetpea, my angel boy , my burrito boy. I can hardly believe he is already 3 months. Its been the most joyful three months of our lives . It was perfect love from the start. I wish he could stay tiny. But its all about the joy in the journey. Every stage so far (he is only three months ) has been my favorite.  I’m sure that every stage will be my favorite. we love you Daegs so much.