fab four

fab four

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I'm pooped

literally I'm pooped. Daegen has had diarrhea for the past 5 days. And I have had to change a poopey diaper on the hour. He has developed a rash from all of this. I feel so bad because Daegen gets teary eyed when I have to change him. One of the first mornings I went to change him and I put some diaper cream on his bum and he was screaming like it hurt really bad. So I ran a bath set his bum in the warm water,  and you hear in thirty seconds this painful cry to a smiley laughing happy baby. So with in that week I called and talked to 2 different nurses and they gave me opposite advise. I was really confused. But nothing was helping any ways because the poop was still coming.

Its now may 2 and we took Daegen to the doctors. Brock found blood in his stool and we decided that this was enough and it wasn't going to get better any time soon. So we found out that he as colitis caused from the protein in dairy products including his formula (its also called cow's milk protein allergy). With that information came relief that we weren't hypocondratic(??) parents and it was easy to fix. But the easy to fix part is going to be expensive we have to switch our
 formula to formula that is double in price!!!! yeah Brock and I joke that we have a platinum baby. Everything about our children will cost a lot of money but there worth every penny.
 Through all this poop we have learned that Daegen likes to not wear pants.  But Brock says that he knew that all a long. Even today Daegen was fussing and I went to change his diaper and when that clean diaper came off he was happy so I left it off. Gross I know but he is a little boy I better get used to it. (notice the garbage bag he is under)

Monday, April 27, 2009

Super Star

Daegen is a funny kid. He is the superstar of our family. I'm sure every baby gets the attention Daegen gets, But he is constantly the center of attention. when he walks into a room all eyes are on him and there are alot of ohhhs and ahhs. I know this is one day going to give him a big head, but part of me thinks not. He not only gets attention he gives it. He honestly loves my singing and dancing.WINK WINK.  He loves my singing so much it has given me a lot of confidence in my ability to sing,  I might even try out for American Idol!! He laughs at my jokes and thinks I'm hilarious. He wants to hold on to my finger and rub his face on my arm.  I know its weird but I feel so loved when he does that, he is so affectionate. I'm so lucky to be raising him he is our little super star.

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

2 strikes your out

2 strikes your out. I think my pictures show what has happened. Once this happens twice in the same morning its time to change diaper size. This was an exceptionally gross morning as you can see my sheets on my bed. I'll gladly spare you the details.

Strike 1
strike 2

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter (Daegys first)

This was Daegens first Easter. He was a hit at church. We even had requests to stop at an older couples home because his wife missed church. He thought Daegen was the cutest thing he had ever seen.
An old man was walking home with us from church and he said " you sure take a lot of pride in that boy don't you. " I said  "you have no idea!" 
My daegy baby he is so precious.

It melts my heart to see Brock and Daegen together. Brock is such a good dad. He doesn't get to see him as much as he would like, but Brock makes sure that he gets a smile from Daegen before he has to leave for work and school.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

yummy yummy in my tummy!!!

OK I think I'm ready!
thinking about it?
no way this is weird!

wait this was fun!

We went to the doctors on Monday and he said it was time to start training him to eat. So we did! It was a great success. He loved it . It was funny every time he wanted more he kept going ah uh ah! I had a video but it wasn't working.

Monday, April 6, 2009

4 month DOC appointment

Daegen had his 4 month doctors appointment today. He is growing like a weed. He weighed in at 14 pounds and 11 oz which puts him in the 5o percentile in weight. His height 25 1/2 inches and puts him in the 75 percentile in his height.  The whole time the doctor was in the room Daegen was jabbering it was so cute the doctor loved it. He is also going to start eating rice cereal and veggies. He has been so interested in food I know that he will love it.

He got 2 shots  today with 2 blue camo band aids .
This is his cute cheese ball smile he is a funny kid. But he is still smiling after a hard day at the doctors.

4 months

Well Daegen turned 4 months on the 2nd of this month(April). He is discovering his little world bit by bit, even managing to hold his head up with hopes not to miss one detail. It is so amazing that we as his parents are introducing him to the world. It is a big responsibility to grasp, that we are his first teachers. The things I say and do and show him affect him and his outlook. I hope and pray that I can open up a bright big world. How I hope he will see the world with optimism and happiness and thankfulness. but more importantly, I hope to teach him to understand who he really is.  He is such an important soul, not only in our home,where a happy trio resides, but also in the big picture. We love him so much and when he smiles his special smile to me I just melt and know I wouldn't want to be with any other little person than my little daegy.
Just got out of his bath.
Just chillen watching T.V. He loves deal or no deal. His G.G. introduced him to Howie Mandel(?) in palm springs.
loves taking his NUK out and putting it back in.
Look at those eye lashes!!!
He loves playing!
he loves sitting up and the highchair is perfect!

bumpers are finally done!!!

Yes!! my four month project is finally done. My mother in-law and I picked out fabric forDaegens bedding before we knew he was going to be Daegen. Just about 4 months ago.  we started working on it after Christmas and then we just got busy and weren't motivated. Also they were kinda a pain because we barley used a pattern, the design was all in my head. Which can be scary sometimes.   
I put Daegen on a schedule the beginning of this month, and moved him to sleeping in his crib. So that made me motivated. And now were done. Thank you Margo they look great!!