fab four

fab four

Saturday, November 28, 2009

meeting santa

My sister and I took our little stud muffins to go see Santa this year it was so cute. Of course we had to go get them matching sock monkey outfits to go meet him. they were so cute. I just love baby's and holidays.

Daegen and Beck
Daegen loved this train they had out in the lobby. I guess I'll have to get a train next year for my tree.
I thought Daegen would be scared to meet Santa but he was pretty mesmerized by him.
Can you believe a year ago he was this big. I can't

Thursday, November 26, 2009

thanksgiving 09

My parents flew all the siblings and there families out to Portland so we could all be together for thanksgiving and to celebrate Daegen s first birthday. We had a blast and loved being together thanks mom and dad.

Here is our sweet boy on Thanksgiving. It wouldn't be a post with out him. while we were in Portland he was taking a couple steps. We were hoping he would walk on his birthday. It didn't happen but we let him open a birthday present early "a guitar"!!! I think my sisters and loved it more than him we memorize a song from it , "I'll be playing my guitar who will sing in my band" wow that got old fast.

The fam waiting to eat the thanksgiving feast:

My Moms beautiful table scape. A before picture, before it got taken over by the huge feast:

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Saturday, November 21, 2009

wedding week end

We were so excited for this day. Our friend Dan got married. So it was a weekend of good friends and reminiscing. Brock and I also got to get away together for the day. We missed Daegen but it was so nice to be able to just keep going and not get held up with little things. congrats Dan and Megan!

the couple and the boys

Friday, November 20, 2009

taking shopping to the next level

There are a couple things I had always told my self I would never do as a mom. naming just a few: wear stretchy pants, drive a mini van, push around the car carts in the grocery store, and have my child walk around with encrusted boogers on his face. So it looks like I have broken my promises except for the mini van one. evidence below>>>>>>>

new hair do

I finally looked at Daegen one day and thought, his hair is looking a little homely. I love the long hair look on boys but, he had more of a mullet, than a shaggy cut. So I made an appointment to give him a little man cut. Now he really looks like a boy. It took me awhile to get used to it. Its still so cute on him.
the mullet.
the first trim.
being so good.
trying to help. He is a little opinionated on his hair.
All done and now enjoying his sucker.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

a boy and his dogs

Earlier this week I took Daegen to the doctors. I was worried about him having a nasty cough and runny nose, plus he wasn't sleeping well and just wasn't him self. It turned out that he had a double ear infection, poor little guy . Then right after I was done with Daegens appointment I had to run home and get Blitzlii to take him to the vet to get some stitches. The whole time blitzlii was in the back of the truck daegen was trying to look back and see him and saying Bliiippppphhhhlii.Then we dropped Blitzlii off and went to the pharmacist to get Daegens medicine. Then we get back to the vet to get blitzlii, and Daegen was in heaven there where dogs all over and he keeped repeating doooog, doooog. We get blitzlii in the car, he was to drugged to jump in the bed of the truck so I had him sit next to Daegen. Once again, Daegen was in heaven becasue the famouse blitzlii was sitting right next to him. The whole ride home I could hear daegen giggling and repeating Bliiiipppphlii, Bliiipppphhllii. After awhile it got really quite I looked back in my mirror and there blitzlii was laying in daegens lap and daegen was just petting the dogs head and was totally in little boy heaven.
It melted my heart, theres just something to be said about a little boy and is dog. Its amazing how much of a little boy he has turned out to be and he is not even 1 yet. The picture above is where you can see this little man most of the day. Every time he goes into the laundry room he says "doooggg, Blliipphhllliii, doooggg, blliipphhllii. Then he perches him self by the window and the just stares at the dogs. Some times I'll bring the dogs in the house and they usually annihilate him but he still loves it.

Monday, November 2, 2009

DB caught on video

Brock and I the other night were looking through videos of Daegen this past year and I was in awe of how I would have forgotten everything if I didn't have it on video. A picture speaks a thousand words wear a video speaks a million words, so I caught some of his jabbering and his curiosity on camera. I wont forget this stage. Also I would like to tell my dad :for the record Daegen does say Blitzlii and its not my imagination I have proof. Also if you tell me it doesn't sound like it I read a book were if the baby uses the word for something specific constantly its his word for that item and then you repeat the right word. So Dad it just for the record :)

11 months

look who's 11 months today. Its Daegen.... its Daegen. He has become such a boy in the last month. He loves his hot wheels and his dogs. He has even learned to say Blitzlii. He says hi and waves to people. He is always on the go and is very curious about everything. He opens drawers and cupboards and likes to take things out and throws them as far as he can( he is very strong). He likes to crawl up to me and say mama and gives me big kisses I mean mouth opened as wide as possible and drenches my cheeks with his loves (I don't mind the slime) then a gentle hug good bye and on to the next Daegen adventure. He loves to play peek a boo with his bib and blankets. He still loves food and will eat anything I give him which is nice because he will eat his vegetables.

gardner village

On Friday Brock and I took Daegen to gardener village. Daegen was a little apprehensive of the witches He mostly liked to look at them from a far. I just love the Halloween feeling of that place. maybe next year he will like it more?