fab four

fab four

Tuesday, December 28, 2010

new puppy

Our new puppy was actually an early christmas present to me, but then Brock changed it to a family christmas present. But it was a surprise to me. Brock and Daegen went out Christmas shopping for me and came back with a puppy. I was so excited! Also it was the breed that I wanted, a Golden Doodle, (golden retriever and poodle mix). He doesn't shed and they're supposed to be really smart. We will see we're having a hard time with peeing in the house. It doesn't help that its been raining non-stop and he jets right back to the house when you take him outside. Like I have said before, every boy needs a dog, and the pics say it all. Daegen is in love with this puppy. Every morning he sits in his chair and pats his lap and says doggy. He loves holding him while watching his morning train show.

our christmas tree

This year our tree came from our front yard. A 10 foot cedar tree that was going to be cut down anyways, it was too close to our house. So this year it had the privilege to be our christmas tree .

Daegens 2nd birthday party

We celebrated Daegens 2nd birthday on his birthday the 2nd of Dec. Our theme was Mister Man Party. We had mustaches, ties, a pinata, and mexican food and all the foods men like. We had a blast with all our friends and their kids and my parents. Of course we had a Ping Pong tournament that all the dads participated in. Happy birthday Daegy buns we love you.

he got a 4 wheeler for his birthday and we gave it to him the morning of. He couldn't get enough of it.

he is 2

Also My dad turned 60 on the 4th of Dec. So we celebrated that on Sunday. I made him wear these glasses.

thanksgiving weekend

Thanksgiving weekend started on Monday. I headed to Idaho with my parents to see my grandma in her last days. We of course hit a snow storm on the way there. Daegen got to walk in his first snow. He did live in Utah for a year but never really remembered the snow and he didn't walk while we lived there. Thats so weird to think about.
Then Thanksgiving morning Brock came to my Grandmas house to pick me up. He drove all though the night to get to spend thanksgiving with his family. He was such a trooper. The whole thanksgiving day I was on the verge of tears. Just saying good bye to my grandma for the last time was harder than I thought. But It was good to be back in Utah and see family.
Daegen Had a blast playing with cousins and the animals, but the best of all was grandpa's train set. He loved it. He would come grab your hand and pull you to the train set. The girls got to see the nut cracker. The funniest thing was my cute niece Noel told her mom that she could see the Snow kings bum, and then Rebecca asked her what her favorite part of the show was she said " the snow king" it was too funny, it made my weekend.
Of course in true Miller Miller style we left for Portland during a huge snow storm. The freeway was closed down and Brock thought that he would out smart the storm. So using the trusted GPS we took a highway that looked like it was going to hook us back on I 84 after the closure. It would have...but it was closed after about 25 miles heading into the middle of nowhere. Brock decided to try and go around the closure barricades, but after 3 miles, we were totally white washed we couldn't see if we were coming or going. Luckily there was a really humble motel close by and we got the last room. I was scared to go in the room because the motel looked scary. It was scary inside and cold. There was no heat just a little 1950's space heater. I have pics to show, but the people were very nice and invited us for dinner. They were a newly wed couple that were in there 70's. They were so nice and had humble means, but were so willing to give. What a great way to start off the holiday season.
Here are pics below.......

did not like the snow!!!
get me out of here!!!
We were right in front my grandparents neighborhood and we got stuck in a snow drift. As you can tell I could not even open the door.
it was really windy!!
Daegen checking things out with grandma.
Daegen and aunties at costco getting the thanksgiving feast.
Daegen and cousin emmett. With the train set.
with the animals down at the barn.
feeding the cow
in the barn, hanging with grandpa.
getting his toes tickled by grandpa.
playing cars with grandma.
D with grandpa and his train set.
the motel we had to wait out the storm in.
The TV that had mexican stations on. We couldn't change them because it was controlled by our neighbors.
see the little space heater. thats what kept us not frozen.
"new" drapes

some food that was left in the hotel. In case we were hungry.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Grandma we miss you already!!

My grandma Passed away today. She was battling cancer for about 9 months. I was able to go out to see her over the thanksgiving week. It was really hard to see her so sick. To think she was out in portland just a couple weeks ago and we were rolling laughing with her. The things she would say were hilarious. I will always remember that moment we shared sitting on my couch snuggled up in my orange blanket.
Another recent memory I have of my grandma, was when we brought Daegen up to see them for the first time. All I remember was there were a lot of tears. They loved Daegen the first moment they saw him and it brought tears to there eyes. My Grandma couldn't get enough of him and held him and rocked him the whole time. I remember my grandma would tell my aunt its my turn again, I want to hold him. She was a very loving grandma, I remember her kisses and hugs. Every time I hugged her, her hearing aid would make a loud screech. HAHA
When I was saying my last good byes to her I was hysterically crying and my grandma squeezed my hand and told me it was going to be all right. Thats the last memory I have of her squeezing each others hands ,me telling her how much I love her and her telling me it was going to be alright. I'm glad I have that, but I'm glad I have the happy memories. I love you grandma I will always remember you and your smile. please tell my future children that I love them and please help direct them to our home. I know you'll do your best , no pressure or anything.

us snuggling with the orange blanket.
her laugh

Sunday, December 5, 2010

A message from me....brock

A few years ago Amy and I had a different blog, where I found myself interested in writing posts, where I felt my voice had relevance. Since then, I REALLY appreciate this blog Amy writes, and despite a few "comments" to her, I too have enjoyed reading my wife's perspective on our life, and regarding Daegen. She has a way to see and share that is different from how I do.

There are several experiences that in my life have added richness, depth and perspective. My wife, my faith, family and friends, struggles, my son, sacrifice and changing. Not really in any order except that Amy is first in that list...and woven into many of the others in that list. I thank God for her loving and being committed to me, and for all these experiences that continue to make me who I am.

This is one of my favorites. The look on Amy's face reminds me of all the best qualities about her. The look on Daegen's motivates me, and everyone who loves Daegen can see into those blue eyes of his and get a feeling about the man I believe he is destined to become.

"Daegen Ronald Miller" is a name intended to remind us about important people who have done exceptional things and who can share a perspective on the list of items from above, having not feared the high price to pay for those experiences. This weekend Amy, Daegen and I spent some time with one of those very individuals and I would like to pay tribute to her. She knows we cherish her.

I love this photo because you can see how happy Daegen is even though it's just a glimpse of him. And symbolically, for those who only see a glimpse of Daegen's life first hand, Megan's face does not reveal everything to us, but I see strength and an ability to warm our hearts.

I hope that many people who love Daegen read this blog, and that they will not judge what I consider to be sacred relationships, and will instead choose to focus on loving Daegen more strongly and selflessly. Daegen has a bright future. Together with those I love as friends and family I am building a house and life full of love, forgiveness, sharing, work, kindness, patience, commitment...healing. Isn't that really what this life is all about anyways. :) :( ...we laughed until we cried this weekend.

Thursday, December 2, 2010

today you are 2

Hello birthday boy, today you turn two and we are celebrating. I saw it coming, but I can barely believe it. I am gladder than glad, I have been writing down your life now for 2 years. It was two years ago today that I fell in love with sweet little you. Your cute little toes and nose. Everything about you, your dad and I couldn't get enough of. Twenty-four months does not seem like enough time for a tiny newborn to learn to know who his mommy is, to hold my hand , and to know how to fold your arms for prayer. To go from my snugly sack of potatoes on my chest to playing rough house with daddy. The same blanket that swaddled you like a burrito is now a hiding spot for a wild game of peek a boo. You love to dance and read books, You love cars and trains( I love your intense actions when you say train with your arm movement ) you are so sweet and still give me kisses on the lips you know just when I need them. You still are pretty mischievous and have been sent to time out a lot in the past month. But you are so obedient and you sit there tell I say your done and you usually never do the same naughty thing twice. I secretly like to peek at you in time out because you are so precious sitting in the naughty spot and you look like your thinking so hard about what you did. But the best is you know that you get a big hug and kisses after time out is done. I love that you open the closet door to get out your own shoes, you prefer your rain boots right now. As your mommy, I marvel at the little lessons you learn, stacking knowledge like blocks. until one day you have outgrown being a baby. Wow thats really sad.

I want to remember the way you are as this little person in my life. The way you hug real tight. How you come up to me and give me kisses. the way you lie down on your stomach to see the wheels go round and round while pushing your cars on the floor. how you jump on my bed and carry my computer across the room wanting to watch TRAINS. Or when we Sing the Alphabet and you try so hard to say the right letters at the right time, and then I say the sounds of the letters and you repeat them. I want to remember how you help me with daily chores. How fast your hair grows. How you like to walk around with your two hands , grasping a car in each one and then trying to turn pages or do other daily functions with these cars attached to the palms of your hands. I want to remember the way you dance and the contagious laugh that you have. The way you pop a cookie into your mouth. The way you drag the step stool around in the pantry to find the best treats. I love when you wave at other kids and you sincerly are wanting to be there friends. When your hands get dirty and you brush your hand together to clean them off. How you turn away, suddenly bashful when adult strangers smile, and stare back at them from the corner of your eye. I love that you go to sleep with a nightly routine and that you love when your daddy sings to you a hymn in Swiss German each night.
You are getting so big. However I refuse to be sad about letting you grow up. You were meant to grow and more importantly, I am grateful you are growing. I do not want to take for granted your good health and happiness. We are blessed by your presence everyday. I have plans to cherish each day of you so I never have to wish for you to be a baby again. I love you. Grow, my little man, big and tall and strong.

happy birthday, Daegen

Love your mommy