fab four

fab four

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

new lil man

The lil man is now officially cruising. He doesn't crawl but he sure does a mean army crawl and can roll to just about any where he wants. He also has 2 cute lil bottom teeth coming in. He is a little extra whinny but he copes with it well as the perfect child should . He will also eat just about anything, if its in your hands he wants it in his mouth.

Another newer kinda old thing is, he really likes Jack Johnson. When were in the car sometimes he will get fussy. Usually he will want to hold my finger, but when I can't I put jack Johnson on and he calms down instantly. Anyways the newer discovery is when we are trying to get Daegen to relax before bed instead of story time he also loves it when Brock will play the guitar. He will just sit and watch him and listen to the music. So I guess his fav artists are Jack and Brock! HAHAH those are our updates around here! wish me luck with the mobility of my child AHHHH!!!

Friday, June 26, 2009

Sweet Reunion!!

So once again Daegen is Growing fast. It seems like everyday he does something which ends up getting me all teary eyed. Yesterday it was he now holds his own sippy cup and he loves feeding him self food "toast being the one thing he can hold". I love watching him eye it then carefully keep his eye on the prize then grasps it and slowly maneuvers it to his mouth and a big ummmm comes out of that happy boy.
holding his sippy all by him self
So last night I put him down after our run. He was exhausted and fell quickly asleep. Then Brock comes home from school about 10:00 pm goes and warms up a cinnamon roll and goes into daegens room to give him a good night kiss. Of course a couple minutes after we here Daegen. So we bring him out to play because Brock hasn't seen him for days. Once Daegen sees its his dad a huge smile appears and then He gets a double take and a smack of the lips because daddy has a CINNAMON ROLL TOO!!!!! So of course Brock does what dads do and gets Daegen on a sugar high when he is suppose to be sleeping. Then after the roll is consumed they snuggle with each other, and fall asleep. They are both happy with the reunion they had just had after a few days of being absent from one another.
So sweet I love watching those two. Daegen just loves having Brock around I wish he was around more.

daddy and daegen were sleeping but daeges woke up i guess he heard me.

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy birthday big daddy

Brock's Birthday!!!! He turned the ripe old age of 29!! Yes one more year of still being in his 20's . Every Year the Birthday boy's request is home made Cinnamon Rolls. And home made Cinnamon rolls is what he gets "sometimes". This year I had the opportunity to have time to make him his coveted homemade rolls. I made enough for him to have each morning for the rest of the week.
We had a BBQ with friends and then as the birthday Candle was blown out the girls stayed at the table to talk and the boys adventured off to play who can give the extreme swing a run for its money , then they played who can hit a practice golf ball the farthest with Brock's new birthday golf clubs. Then after one got launched into the pond near by we went to the soft ball field to play home run derby. all and all it was a good day full of sugar and friends.

Daegy got a sneak peek of dads birthday cinnamon rolls. yummy

Birthday boy getting ready to blow out his candles. Make a wish!!
Trying to retrieve the launched golf ball.
all most there.
All that for this.
then a little late night game of home run derby.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Happy fathers Day

Wake up sleepy heads " its Fathers Day!"
Breakfast in bed of course for the Flawless Father. And Matching ties!! Daegen looks more excited than Brock.
Father and Son. Too Cute! Here they are with there Matching ties. It makes me so proud!
Grumpa and Daegy!
My fathers Day cake. I thought I could make a tie out of strawberry's. It looks like something else opps!
Daddy's girls minus the one who is carrying No name Curtis

forever family

We had a wonderful day. Full of Precipitation, sources include rain and happy tears. We were sealed in the Logan temple for time and all eternity. We will be a Family forever. It was a beautiful day, not the weather but the people and feelings made it a wonderful day. All Morning long Brock said to Daegen its your last day being a lonely soul in the world. After the Temple sealing we went to our house and bock gave Daegen a very special Blessing . You could tell that Brock spent a lot of time preparing for this special blessing for such a special baby boy. Then we had a celebration for Daegen. The rain kinda put a damper on things but we loved having family and friends there. Thanks to all who came .

Here we are our lil family of three.
my grandparents and my parents.
the aunts enjoying a good laugh with daegy.
the girls with daegs

the sisters going through Daegs old clothes for baby no name Curtis.

My before pictures of the party.

the Party!

Daegen on the "extreme swing". Earlier Brock had our friends 4 and 5 year old kids on it and they nick named it the "Extreme swing" because it would go really high in the air and it would twist and turn. Daegens turn was turned down a bit.
my feet have never looked to cute!! poor Beth's feet are like little pillows" very fluffy."

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Its Official !!!

Its official were a family!!
Courtroom 6
Brock, Amy, Judge Allen, Daegen , Attorney Brian Cannell
With Judge Allen 
Daegen and  Judge Allen.

Well its official. We're done with all the legal stuff. Now I can wipe the sweat off my brow. Not that it was stressful ,it was just annoying like something was laying over head and I'm glad to be done. Daegen of course was a ham the whole time. 

It was neat because our attorney was also adopted. I was glad that we chose him. Everything is on video so if you want you can come on over and watch it!!

Morning of the legal day

Today I couldn't go back to sleep after Brock left at 6:00 am this morning. I was nerves and excited for today. Today is the day we make everything official in the Legal world. We get to take Daegen to court and we will be legally a family. It sounds weird, it is weird!!! Even for me the person that is going through it. Daegen to me is not my adopted child he just is my child. 
But as 7:00am rolled around Brock called and said that he is coming home to change his clothes,( because he is going into the office today for work instead of working in the rain on an open roof.) and wanted me to make him breakfast. So as I usually do I got up and made eggs with toast and oatmeal for Daegen. After he left I put Daegen down for his Morning Nap and I sat out side on my porch swing (Mothers day Swing) and sipped on my hot chocolate watching the rain. I love the Rain, I felt like I was at home (Oregon) It was cloudy so you couldn't see the Mountains and it was just pouring.

 I had lots of thoughts and Memories going through my head. I thought about in high school we all would wear Flip Flops in the rain it never crossed through my mind that it was raining "cover your toes." When I moved to Utah I think I still wore flip flops even in the Snow. Dumb thought I know, but those are the thoughts that were going through my head.
 Then I thought about today. I thought about 20 years from now what is Daegen going to think of all this. I hope he grows up knowing that we love him and we would do anything for him. I hope we teach him all that he needs to learn, to grow up to be the man his Dad is. I hope when he thinks of me he smiles, I hope when he talks of about me he gets all warm and Fuzzy inside because he knows that his mom loves him through and through. I hope when he thinks of his birth mom Megan he also gets warm and fuzzy inside knowing what she did for him. I just hope he is always happy and we can teach him how to look at life with a positive attitude the way we and his birth mom do. I hope he is  strong in the gospel and lives in a way that would be pleasing to god. I hope that he will go on a mission and  serve god and teach those that are waiting to hear about the gospel. I love this little guy and I know that he has and will be an example to a lot of people.  

6 month Dr.'s appointment

Daegen had his six month Doctors appointment today and he is getting bigger of course.
he is 16 pounds and 7.5 OZ and is 26 1/2 inches tall and that ranks average on the scale both with in the 50% .
He got 2 shots and had the worst reaction yet. He was not happy it didn't help that it was his nap time either. all the way home he was crying poor guy.

When Daegen was crying in the car on the way home. I was trying to distract him. So I was talking to him and then I said "MAMA" over and over again because it made him smile then I would say "DADA" to see what reaction he would get not the same. So I wanted to get his reaction on video.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

New Do and a growing Dude

 Today When I was holding Daegen he just seemed bigger. So tonight when Brock got home from school we woke him up. I just wanted to hold him and cuddle him before he grew another millimeter through the night. He is so sweet and such a happy baby he loves smiling and talking and playing.

Yesterday I got my hair cut, I chopped off 12 inches!!! I'm still not that comfortable with my short hair. I've had long hair for 5 years that's a long time to then chop it off , but it always grows back. Here is a picture:

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

so stinken cute

TOLD YOU SO.........................

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

6 months

 I can hardly believe he is already six months. It has been the most joyful six months of our lives. When he was born, our hearts were suddenly his. and when others witnessed our newparent delight, they told us it only gets better. iI wondered how it could get better than this? How could anything top the sweet newborn love.  It was perfect love from the start. I wished he could stay tiny. I just loved that little sack of potatoes on my shoulder.

Then he turned one, two, three months old and gradually I came to the realization that I was loving each Daegy stage. Each new age, I yearned for him to stay just that way. Each my favorite stage. He'd grow and learn something new; discovering his hands, his feet, his toes, his voice. The joy of motherhood is in the journey. You have to appreciate the small moments before they are  lost and a new stage gets whirled away into a new stage. Soon he will be crawling rather than sucking his toes. Soon he will be turning pages rather than chewing them. Soon he will play pat- a -cake without any help. Soon his chubby li'l legs will be able to walk. soon he will be a big boy but I know I'll love him more and more as the        months move forward. The best part is his months are monumental, and we get to share them 


Monica (Brock's sister) got her mission call while she was in Spain doing a study abroad. So she wasn't in Utah to open her call. So her mom had some one scan it and send it in an email to her. So on Saturday around noon our time and I think 10:00pm Spain time(Monica's' time) she opened her call via Skype (So we could watch her). She is going to Southern Italy. We are so excited for her. Yeah Monica.

here she is on the computer screen.
getting ready to talk to Monica.
looking through atlases to guess where she was going to be called on her mission.