fab four

fab four

Thursday, October 30, 2008

oct 30

Brock: The burn on my arm you guys may have seen last week is scabbed over and I am really hoping it will not scar. Between now and Saturday I will be reading up on Portland State's football team so I can talk with Amy's dad on Saturday on the sidelines of the football game vs. WSU like I actually have a clue about PSU football. Wish me luck with that one.

Amy: Since school has started for Brock I'm alone again on Tuesdays and Thursdays. I don't mind the peace and quite because I know someday it will change and I will wish for my peace and quite again. I've been pretty busy I had a Halloween party at my house with about seven kids in my neighborhood including 3 nieces and nephews. We had a lot of fun watching movies and had a cookie decorating contest ( which everybody won) and a scary things race (the kids made that one up). I'm getting ready for my parents coming out on Friday. I'm so excited. Brock and my Dad will go to the football game and I will go shopping with my mom and maybe my sister on Saturday.

Monday, October 20, 2008

My ultimate Auntie Amy week (with a bit of life mixed in)

My ultimate Auntie Amy Week (With a little bit of real life mixed in)
So This week Blitzlii some how found where I stored my chocolate chips. So that night he threw up 3 times and as you can tell he was holding on to Brock's arm for dear life.

The ultimate auntie

My sister- in laws and I took the kids to the children's museum. Here are two of my nieces Ellery and Elizabeth. Here I am with my two other nieces Callista and Noelle. We were building temples.

( I love all my nieces and nephews but I have a special bond with these little girls)

Bruce and Elizabeth decided to play in the water at the Mall. while.....

Markey and Noelle didn't want to get wet.


Brock and I watched my friend Christina's kids for the night. We had a good time. Its really easy to be a push over when you only have a night to pretend to be parents. We let them eat junk and we let them stay up and watch Hanna Montana. Which if they were my kids I most likely wouldn't let them do any of those things.

Here they are camped out in the front room,dogs and all. I don't know about the kids but I know that the dogs were in heaven. Especially.....


Look at that dog all nestled in the sleeping bags. It was pretty funny in the middle of the night we heard little voices giggling so I got up and the kids were trying to get Blitzlii out of their sleeping bags. Some how he managed to emerge his whole body into one of the kids sleeping bags. It was pretty funny. The kids loved those dogs

RIP Camel hair Sweater

The story behind the sweater. My Brother is an avid junk collector. He likes to go to second hand store's and hunt for the ultimate find. Well, need less to say this gray camel hair sweater was one of those ultimate finds. My brother bought it and it didn't fit. So for Christmas Brock got the ultimate gift, the camel hair sweater. Brock loves this sweater and in the winter you could bet on him wearing the sweater more than once a week.


Today I got the call. The sweater had to be laid to rest. But, Brock wouldn't let me throw it away. I have to hold onto it and maybe make something out of it. Any Ideas?

Here is what happened. The neck of the shirt just gave out.

The holes on the sleeves.

So where am I going to find another another 100% camel hair sweater?

oct 19

Amy has this friend at work that has four kids, two in 6th grade, one in fifth and one in 1st. As we speak all four are sleeping either on the kitchen floor or in our second bedroom (cause the fireplace made the living room too hot where they were all camped out in sub-temperature rated sleeping bags). Funny. Cute kids! Their mom is taking their Dad to a local resort for a "birthday getaway", bet they didn't know before they left what suckers Amy and I are and that their kids could totally persuade us into letting them watch Hanna Montana until way past their bedtime and eat halloween candy AFTER brushing their teeth. I blame Amy :)

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Oct 18

Since chopping all that fire wood we have been using the wood burning stove all this weekend and it's like the absolute best way to get everyone totally sleepy. The dogs become like zombies and Amy and I are not much better. Our stove warms the entire house, but the best is how it warms the pine floors. At night we light a few candles in the house and it's, well, cozy.

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Oct 17

So the dogs have somehow been sneaking out of the fenced back yard lately and so Friday we locked them in the laundry room and I came home at lunch time and let them out and then put them back in. Anyways, between lunch time and when I got home around 4:00 somehow they had found Amy's stash of chocolate chips and eat one and a half packages. Blitzlii was threw up twice, it was some nasty stuff. Rented a movie last night and watched it in bed. Amy lasted 10 minutes, I managed to catch most of it but never made it to the end.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Oct 16

So the last few days have been fun and busy. I found out that my team was the winner of a business simulation for my marketing class where our closing share value was up from $100.00 dollars in the beginning to $439.00 dollars by Quarter 14. Second place was nearly $100.00 dollars behind. To make it better we closed the simulation with nearly a quarter billion dollars in marketable securities and 10M. cash on hand. Wouldn't that be nice if only it was all real!
Amy and I got some dance instruction this week and picked up a real nice three step, charleston and country swing dance, which would actually have been helpful to have known last weekend at the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar where we went dancing Friday night. Thats alright.
So this week in the evenings I have been building up our wood supply for the winter. Amy and I have this goal to cut our utilities dramatically and so only this week where night temps have been dropping into the mid 20's have we turned on the furnace. Hate to burn the wood though, but it is really cozy in our home to have the fire. In any case it's chainsaws and splitting axes for me in my spare time.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Jackson hole

Us in front of the famous antler ear arch ( I hope there fake)
Owen and Austin kept putting each other in the drawers it was pretty funny. When it starts snowing Brock's pants end up like the above pic. The funny thing was, he was trying to be cool and find what club had the night life.
The only wild life we saw on this trip. It was a little disappointing.
Our favorite store Dornan's. They have lots of exotic cheese's and different treat's. And they have homemade cookies. They are really good.
we also met Big foot.
This one's for my sista's

The day we left we woke up to 4 inches of snow.

Jackson Hole in the fall. Oh how I love the mountains in the fall. This years weather kinda put a damper on the yearly traditions.
We go up with another family the Larsen's. We usually go rock climbing, or hiking. This year the weather didn't cooperate with us, the snow put a damper on our style. But we knew the weather was going to be colder. So we thought that we could make it over to yellow stone to visit Old Faithful. It was like a blizzard outside, and Yellowstone likes to shut down when the weather gets bad, So we didn't take our chances. We stayed inside and played games and went shopping.
It was still fun even thought the weather was not that great. We still had some cool hot-tub parties with the snow falling.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

oct 12

We have been pretty busy these last couple of days. On Thursday Amy went to Brock's cousin's rehersal dinner at Snow Basin resort. It was gorgeous up there and fun to see everyone. Amy also met up with one of her most favorite men, eight month old nephew, Emmett, he is so cute.

Brock's 88 year old grandparents came down from their home in Alberta, Canada for the wedding and his grandma fell down some stairs on the way to the sealing and was seriously hurt but is recovering. She is such a trooper and elegant regardless the circumstance.

After the wedding we drove straight to Jackson hole, WY, five hours. We have never driven to Jackson Hole the way we went, and it's definately a "must see" in the fall.Our plan was to go to Yellowstone on Saturday to see Old Faithful but the snow storm stopped us from furthering our journey. Instead we just played some games at the condo and of course, no snow can stop Amy from shopping! That night we hot-tub-partied with friends as the snow fell.

Should be a busy week, was definitely nice to get away for the weekend.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Journal blog

Well I was thinking that a was neglecting my blog. Brock and I do a recent up date on our adoption blog. I had all this information that I write on one blog why not put it on this blog. My intention for millertime2 blog was for it to be a journal that I can print off at the end of the year and keep it and start over the next year. So these posts might not be that interesting to you because I most likely wont have pics. So I have posted them. I'll post the journal entry's as the date entered and the other posts will be titled differently. Thanks everyone for your support for Brock and I through this exciting time in our lives we are excited to welcome a little one into our lives.

oct 8

Sigh, I’m in love. I don’t know if you have ever felt this way, But sometimes I go through life and I don’t pay attention to the little things life has given us. As I was waiting for Brock to get home from school last night I just kept thinking about him and his big beautiful blue eyes. Sometimes I just like to stare at his eyes when he’s not looking and get lost in those big blue eyes. And to top off the night we stayed up laughing and telling each other stories about our day while we were trying to go to bed. And yes we did not go to the gym in the morning. Once again didn’t happen. All I can say is I love my life and the person I get to share it with.
Tonight we went to a grand opening of Bajio’s a chain Mexican restaurant. We’re excited, free dinner. And Brock really likes there chicken quesadillas. Awhile ago we didn’t have one nearby so we drove 45 min to the closest one. So he could have his chicken quesadilla, needless to say were glad to have one 5 min. away.
It was a late night for both Brock and I. Him at his computer doing homework, and me late night making a design board. I’m helping a friend redesign his brother in laws dentist office. I’m really excited about it, It’s my first time doing an office space.

oct 7

Its been raining here and I have had to wash the floors about 10 times in the last three days because the dog have muddy feet and they track in all that mud. And I'm a clean freak!!!Funny thing happened last night. Well I didn't think it was funny tell now. Brock couldn't stop laughing last night. Well last week we fixed my car it needed a new axle ,brakes etc... Anyways we were driving home and he likes to go the round about way on the driveway and I wanted my car parked were I usually park it so he takes a sharp turn and we go off in to a ditch and rip a huge plastic piece and a couple other things from the bottom of my car. Brock couldn't stop laughing and I was mad because these things only happen to my car and it just got fixed!! Anyways it wasn't any thing that wont make the car not work. So Brock drove it down to school with his carpool tonight I hope it comes back in one piece. At least I can laugh about it now.Brock and I still have not accomplished our goal of going to the gym in the morning. Last night he went to bed at 1:00 am because he was doing homework and I couldn't get my self to tell him it was time to go to the gym this morning at 5:00am. So hopefully tomorrow morning. I know he'll go to bed earlier tonight.Also exciting news we are going to be going to Jackson Hole, WY this weekend. We are going to go to Brock's cousins temple sealing Friday morning and then go straight to Jackson. I love the mountains in the fall. I look forward to this trip every fall.

oct 6

Well, my sister Megan has gone back to cougar town (BYU). I miss her already, I enjoy her company so much. We relaxed and ate and watched scary movies. We watched prom night,a little cheesy but it was still scary for me and really creepy.We are so happy for Brock's sister Rebecca. She ran the St. George Marathon and has qualified for the Boston marathon. She has worked really hard to accomplish her goal.My dad told me that he is going to be flying out here at the end of this month for a football game. No, not a BYU game a PSU (Portland State University). They are playing Weber state. My dad played football for PSU back in the day and now helps the athletics department and has all these perks. He gets side line tickets and I guess that's really cool and worth traveling for. I'm sure he also is coming to see me and my sister. But its also exciting because my brother and sister in law might come also. I'm really excited.Brock and I made a goal last night that we were going to get up at 5:00am to go to the gym again and have breakfast together . Since Brock has been really busy with school and work his time has been really limited and going to the gym was the first to be eliminated. So of course this morning we didn't get up. its really hard to get up when you go to bed at 11:30 pm. Well ,we are defiantly going to go tomorrow. wish us luck

oct 1

Just sort of taking it easy this weekend. Amy's sister is up here for the weekend from Provo...too bad the weather is so rainy or else we could take a hike and check out the leaves.Had a crazy week at work, Friday spent 11+ hours on the job site. Happy to report that Amy is feeling better and her cold never really got bad.We built our first fire this weekend in the fireplace, not really because it's cold but just because it's cozy. The yard is starting to get covered in leaves. It takes me at least 100 hours to rake all the leaves and nuts off the yard...I have yet to get them all up and off the yard before winter sets in. Pretty soon we will have to stop parking underneath on walnut tree unless we want huge dings in the cars.Next weekend is supposed to be our annual trip to Jackson Hole, WY and my cousin is getting married so we don't know what's going to happen. Amy really wants to go to Jackson.